Tuesday, May 12, 2009


First of all, what is Abstract Art according to Wikipedia: Abstract Art

I first tried to do abstract things when I started university and the teacher told us to just stain the paper and had us listening to some classical music and told to use the music to help us. On my 14 by 17 drawing book, I did my best with poster paints and brushes and sucked at it.
I remember making these flower types, painting the whole paper one color and making some window shaped things and the teacher saw what I'd done and he told me that that stuff was still too figurative.
I don't remember when it occurred to me to try again and I tried drawing *nothing* and I drew my first abstract and the result was super satisfactory: There seems to be some kind of atmosphere in them, it reminds me of the misty and vaporous atmosphere in Luis Royo's work and the edges of things that were perfect matter, blur and disintegrate into the air. It always brings me a lot of satisfaction to look at them, I feel a mixture of comfort and mystery. I don't know if mystery can be felt, but whatever.
Most of the time, their titles are about what they remind me of when I look at them.

This one's probably one of the first ones.

This second one reminds me of fire and those shapes come up often in other abstracts.

I usually finish the abstracts faster than things regarding human figure or anything based in reality, I guess because they're not bound to following specific lines and I allow myself to go whichever way I please and finish whenever I feel satisfied.
They also offer the opportunity to really practice my shading, which I love so much. With them, really is when I practice controlling the pressure to be applied when going from really dark, to really light or if I need to make an even coat of one shade.

I've tried adding color in some cases, making abstracts with colored pencils or with oils, but I don't like how they look. Maybe I need more practice or be much more patient with them and work on them more.

These two are pretty recent and are also one of the first kind of bigger abstracts that I made. These two are on 11 x 14 inch paper, most of the others are 9 x 12 and smaller things.