Wednesday, October 17, 2012


I met Andi Soto at the restaurant where I work.
It went that I tended to her and then she wrote to me in Facebook, which I loved, and we talked, she saw my work and I saw her work; and I progressively liked this broad more. The day she'd gone to the restaurant, she'd gone to collaborate with another gorgeous artist, Camila Bernal.
This is what their collaboration looked like:

Andi has this super clean and neat work, clean, confident lines. The little dolls stare out of the paper with big eyes, they seem somehow innocent and childlike; but it's like those creatures in the movies or in manga and anime, their mouth starts opening more and more and the creature happens to be a crazy and horrifying predator. It's what I see, anyway.
So, I suggested faster than a speeding bullet that we should mothafuckin' collaborate and we did and it was too cool.
Here are two shots of the two of us working on it and the end result:
And the end result:

So, I've linked up there to her page in Facebook and Camila's, because both their work is very much worth seeing. And here is a link to my page in Facebook, because you ain't forgettin' 'bout me: Gabriela Handal Arte