Monday, April 15, 2013

Bic pen over paper

Back in the call center, I used to draw a ton in between calls or during calls, when I was doing the drawing classes, I´d draw something whilst the kids were doing whatever I´d assigned them and for a while now at the restaurant, I´ve been using the little papers where we write orders down to throw down little drawings.
I thought they´d look cute and elegant with a little carton frame and I framed the first couple ones that I did that night, put them up for sale at one dollar and they were gone before my shift was over.
I´ve been doing this for maybe a month now and I´ve found it very enjoyable and a sweet way to get some extra dough and get my work to circulate. Moreover, in the back, right smack in the middle, I put my card. Am I a fuckin´ genie at life or what?
The drawings have all been made with pen, most of them with a bic pen. And I´ve also been drawing a ton with bic pen.
I´ve also used Paper Mate and Pentel, my favorite one, though, is the bic, I think. The other two are kind of shiny in comparison when they dry.
EITHER WAY on to pictures of the drawings that I´ve been doing and some of them selling for ridiculous prices. I´ve got the objective of none of them going over ten dollars.
The middle picture is by the kids from Penniless From Panama, the picture is linked to their page in Facebook.
And this one here is one of the drawings that I´ve done not with the purpose of selling, only to show off, with a bic pen. It´s kind of a diptych, I guess, of Juan Diego Flórez as I drew him by parts, first drew his eye and the other side the lower half of his face and his hand. What a beautiful man.

I consider drawing a pretty portable method of producing work, but I´ve found the pen over paper even more portable. The pencil requires an eraser, a pencil sharpener (in my case, a fucking box cutter, ´cuz that´s what I use to sharpen my pencils), the kneading eraser, the mechanic erasers; with the pen and paper, I only need.. Well. A pen and paper.
So, I carry around my journal and several pens in my bag.
I´ve found myself missing drawing, so I´ve started a couple of drawings and I actually started one in the journal, but that will probably be a whole other blog entry.
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