Thursday, May 13, 2010

Workin' for a livin'

Workin' for a livin' by Huey Lewis and the News
This is related, 'cuz it's the title of the entry and because I have a day job that I have exclusively to help me pay for bills, because my artistic work doesn't give me much income at all on it's own.
And this is just an idea for fellow humans in the same situation, even if you're not an artist, you can always have something to write on, big or small, where you put down any and every idea until you have time to dedicate to it. Once you're out of your shift =D
So, if you don't have dough to buy notepads or an agenda, you made a notepad with whichever paper that's been printed on one side, cut it into fourths and staple the piles of it and you have a notepad ^_^

This entry will have A LOT of Photo Booth pictures, it will be entertaining =D
SO, remember that previous entry I made about the notepads?
I thought that, as a notepad, it can still be thrown away, once you're done writing things on it; so I though about making them into little visual diaries that can be flipped through over and over again and that way they won't be thrown away. I've only started one up so far.
I thought I'd give it a theme, but that got old real quick, so I've just kept drawing and writing things on it, it's been very nice and it really helps the four hours of work at the call center go by fast and I feel like I'm not completely wasting my time.
Reused paper notepad:

An agenda is also always useful and it's good to get used to having one, using it and looking in it every day. I'm not a very organized person, although I try real hard, even if I hardly ever look into the thing, I always go at the beginning of the year and get a brand new one for the same purpose and intention.
It's good to ALWAYS have it on you, so you can write future appointments, people's phone numbers and emails, ideas, things you want to remember, anything.
I've also started taking the agenda to work and drawing all kinds of things on it.
In the agenda:

I hope whoever has found this useful. It's amazingly comforting to me that time goes by faster with me drawing on a notepad or the agenda and that if I suddenly remember something or have an idea, I can write it down and it won't be forgotten; or that if I've just made a potentially important contact related to my work or just somebody I think is nice and could be a friend, I can write down their information for future interaction =D

So the group has been offed, but something strange happened. The process to delete the group, is to delete all the members and then you delete yourself. There was this one member, who I think didn't have a facebook page anymore, but the name was still there and the last time I saw there were actually four members in the group; which makes me wonder if somebody else has taken over the group and changed the name of it and what not.
I think I dreamt about that last night, somebody becoming administrator and changing the name, so I couldn't find it anymore and doing whatever they want with the pictures I uploaded :(
I should have deleted everything and not just the members =/
EITHER WAY, you must become a fan and "like" the page I made in facebook. Please do it =D
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