Friday, November 15, 2013

Anne harris

I've just come back from the anne harris lecture at the new york academy of art and i might be high on sugar or extremely inspired or overwhelmed or something, but something amazing happened during the lecture. I don't know.
I'd never seen her work or heard of her until seeing the one painting in the poster of the lectures and her name on said posters, around the school. I like going without knowing anything about the artista to the lectures.
She talked a while about work that she loves and i found the ways he talked to be beautiful, she talked in poetry and abstract and i completely understood everything she meant. My notes are just things that she said that i loved.
Her paintings are these beautiful ghosts that are extremely present. They float, they are diaphanous, but they stare at you and their eyes drill into your soul.
The drawing that i did in pen in my notebook, i was trying to emulate one of the paintings that were projected onto the wall.
Everything was just so beautiful.
The diaphanous atmosphere reminded me of luis royo, there is an atmosphere in his work, that i perceive as humida nd moist. I think tere is something similar in anne harris' work, but her paintings kind of felt like a cold and dry mist. A cold kind of like the cold i feel here in new york sometimes, not freezing, maybe cool is more correct.
Looking at the paintings, i felt an intimacy of sorts and closeness with them, comfort. And she narrated and talked quietly.
I found her inspiring, maybe what i perceive to be a real artist or the kind of artist that i'd like to be. Instinct driven and my work kindred to me.
She felt kindred to me as well, but maybe not yet, i think she's a mentor, kind of. And maybe one day we can be kindred.