Monday, July 14, 2014

Pony Girl

"Pony Girl", is a term associated with the BDSM community, it's one of the role play things that they do, here is a link to the wikipedia article regarding animal roleplay, if you want to inform yourself: Animal Roleplay.

I started working again on Pony Girl sometime this week, after much putting things off and working on other things that I wanted to work on, but not on things that are a bit more pressing at this point in the summer.

Pony Girl started long before I started at the NYAA, I started working on her again during the first semester, had to do other stuff and I'm back with her again. She's changed in appearance, in the way that she feels and the way that she looks at me when I work on her. When I had to work on other things, she'd developed a slight frown. She has a demanding stare that pierces through me, her entire face pushing through the harness that I designed for her.

I decided sometime in the past months to cope with some strange sexual experiences that I had through some drawings. Or to kind of cleanse myself (or just use them, who cares?) and although Pony Girl didn't start out with that purpose, she is going to be one of the mediums.

I've been drawing with a 3B Faber Castell pencil over Strathmore 100lbs paper. I was set back really far with redesigning the harness, which was really difficult, because I'm no clothes or garment and accessory designer. I'm cool with how it looks and that's how it's going to look and I'm alright with it being kind of abstract and impossible for a harness, with straps that come from and go nowhere, I'm ok with that. Right now I'm just concentrating on making all the leather look the same, because, in my mind, the harness is all made of leather, ochre reddish brownish colored leather and the adornments are silver and red, I think. So getting all the leather even, I think will help me a lot in finishing it.
So, here she is.

Also, I've launched a website and here is the address: And I also have an etsy shop: Gabriela Handal Arte

Thanks a lot for reading and see you next time.