Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Like Flame

So, today I finished a cute little painting, I think she's about 4 x 4 inches.
I got the wood at the beginning of last semester, I don't remember if it was from Blick or Utrecht, although it doesn't matter, because they're one and the same now. Maybe it was Soho Art materials or Pearl.
I got the thing for free, and I loved it right away. The finish on the wood is so perfectly smooth, I touched it a little when I got it, but not too much, 'cuz I don't know if the friction of my skin could ruin it or something.
I knew I wanted to do some drawing on it, something beautiful. Like a week ago, I got the balls to do it and she turned up.
The Alizarin Orange color that I used on her, was also for free, I got it as a sample along with Viridian and a blue color. It's really expensive material, apparently, they're Williamsburg.
So, I wanted to use the Alizarin Orange and I did.
As I worked on her, she kept looking to me like made out of fire and I went with that and she really reminded me of a poem that I stumbled upon in the black hole that is tumblr, that sometimes is not so bad.
The poem is this one:
"She twists like a flame.
Her back, a sierra of bone,
her hips, a sandstone canyon.
And I can believe her gaze,
born from a thousand years dreaming
and as dew-cool as moonlight,
is only for me."
—Eliot Khalil Wilson

I remember the line being "she twists like flame", which I like more than that one, so she's titled "Like Flame". And here she is:

I have also launched (sort of) a website, I'm going to add "Like Flame" to it in a bit, I'm slowly adding things to it and I'm posting it discreetly, here it is:, because I have a lot of imagination.
And I've also put up an Etsy shop, which is also called Gabriela Handal Arte, because I have a lot of imagination.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Studio seven

The day before yesterday, i hugn in my studio the finished works that are framed and ready for hanging and imwill continue to put that kind of work on this wall. Like my own gallery wall <3
It is so hard for me to believe that i am already in the second half of my first year of school.
I've been putting my studio together these passed couple of days, now that the school building reopened and we don't have class yet, i think this is the least visible wall in this second picture, so i decided to put things that are in progress, papers or mediums that i want to use and things that aren't framed in a proper frame, like "implied".
I've also been working on a persinal websitea nd the address is because i have a lot of imagination. I will keep you posted.

Thank you for reading and sticking with me this far.