Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Like Flame

So, today I finished a cute little painting, I think she's about 4 x 4 inches.
I got the wood at the beginning of last semester, I don't remember if it was from Blick or Utrecht, although it doesn't matter, because they're one and the same now. Maybe it was Soho Art materials or Pearl.
I got the thing for free, and I loved it right away. The finish on the wood is so perfectly smooth, I touched it a little when I got it, but not too much, 'cuz I don't know if the friction of my skin could ruin it or something.
I knew I wanted to do some drawing on it, something beautiful. Like a week ago, I got the balls to do it and she turned up.
The Alizarin Orange color that I used on her, was also for free, I got it as a sample along with Viridian and a blue color. It's really expensive material, apparently, they're Williamsburg.
So, I wanted to use the Alizarin Orange and I did.
As I worked on her, she kept looking to me like made out of fire and I went with that and she really reminded me of a poem that I stumbled upon in the black hole that is tumblr, that sometimes is not so bad.
The poem is this one:
"She twists like a flame.
Her back, a sierra of bone,
her hips, a sandstone canyon.
And I can believe her gaze,
born from a thousand years dreaming
and as dew-cool as moonlight,
is only for me."
—Eliot Khalil Wilson

I remember the line being "she twists like flame", which I like more than that one, so she's titled "Like Flame". And here she is:

I have also launched (sort of) a website, I'm going to add "Like Flame" to it in a bit, I'm slowly adding things to it and I'm posting it discreetly, here it is:, because I have a lot of imagination.
And I've also put up an Etsy shop, which is also called Gabriela Handal Arte, because I have a lot of imagination.

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