Tuesday, December 13, 2011


This is one display of this series of drawings that I've been making that go along the same line, of really loose lines, fast drawing, images of jumping women. And also, using a specific kind of carbon, as long as it's really scratchy and there's a lot of friction between the paper and my drawing tool, that's also something that is really specific of these drawings.

This one in particular is the last one, it's called "Electricity", it's carbon over paper and it took under ten minutes.

One of these days, I'll take pictures of all of the ones I've done.

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Friday, December 9, 2011

Pencil Women

I finished these two drawings last week and just got around to taking the corresponding picture lol
This first one that I'm going to show you, was using a reference that I found in Tumblr:

I've linked them, so you can see them in a bigger size in another window, I wanted them to be seen one next to the other for comparison purposes. Mine is titled "Fire Nymph" and she's pencil over paper.

This second one is also pencil over paper, no reference used, other than a picture of myself in the same pose as the drawing, just so I would get everything in it's right place. This one's titled "Hairbow".

Both these drawings were started and finished on the same day. "Fire Nymph" was done quickly, with fast and flowing lines, "Hairbow", as you can see, is a more detailed drawing. It definitely took a little bit longer, but it was finished on the same day.
I've found myself wanting to finish things quickly and wanting to produce more, just because I feel like I waste so much time so often, I was really inspired that day.
What I've also been doing is putting an idea down, as soon as I get it. Even if it's just the sketch and even if I'm not going to work on it right away. That's been helping me with improving my sketching abilities and with producing more.

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Wednesday, November 16, 2011


I've done a couple of drawings like this already, the very first one that I did, was with a reference that I ran into in my tumblr, which was more finished looking than the ones I'm doing and like the one that I based off the one I found in tumblr. I like both finishes, but I like finishing mine with a lot of movement and lines and I like to draw them out with things that feel really scratchy, dry and with a lot of friction, like the one sanguine that I have left and charcoal. These two that I did today, are one with sanguine and the other one with charcoal.
I really like how they turned out <3

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Monday, November 14, 2011

Second set of nude photos and body painting.

The second nude photoshoot that I did this year also involved body painting, with Colombian artist Aanubis Vrussh and photographer Gerardo Pesantez.

He wanted me to represent fire, the end result looks more like magma, solidified and fluid. A friend told me that I look like a titan, which is pretty awesome lol
Unfortunately, Aanubis was asking for some really specific superhero and comic type poses, so I wasn't really given the time to explore a lot of poses and do something really cool and have all the painting really appreciated.

I really like this first picture, because you can really appreciate the paint on my hands and fingers, I LOVE what he did there. That degradation of color and the colors that he chose, remind me of some crazy flower, all I can think of is a lily and at the same time, some kind of glove.

In this second picture, I think, you see the work of painting the best and where you can see the entire work, because he painted me from the knees up.

This is one of the few pictures that I was doing my own pose, rather than what Aanubis was telling me. I think some really interesting stuff could have come out.

This is my favorite picture, although it's definitely one of the superhero poses that Aanubis was telling me to do.

So that's today's blog entry for you, I hope you like it and find it interesting =D I'm also going to write an entry for my second individual art exhibit that I had not long ago soon.

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Saturday, November 12, 2011


I've done several nude photoshoots this year, modeling in general is something that I'd like to get into, in the sense of being able to make money off of it and kind of like a hobby.
This one that I'm going to talk about today, is the first nude photoshoot I did, with photographer Tito Herrera. Here is a link to the blog entry regarding the pictures: El retrato de Gabriela

Here are two of the pictures that he took:

And, if you speak Spanish, here is a little interview that we did, about my hair, my posing naked and my artistic work. And when it finishes, you're able to see the picture that he chose as my "portrait".

One other thing about modeling is the turning of the tables that happens, where I become the subject for another artist and I have to become malleable for him or her to be able to achieve what they see in their mind's eye and to be faithful to that. This comes with the posing and expressing a specific thing and interacting with whatever backdrop. It's really interesting and I think it makes sense for an artist to be able to turn the tables on him/herself that way.
Like, I realize that my paintings or drawings aren't asking empathy from me and they're not asking for me to feel what they might feel, but it's just a different way to experience art, you see how another artist interacts with his/her work.
It also reminds me a lot of a book, called "The Art of Murder". In this book, which is set slightly in the future, the artworks are humans and they're primed like canvases and they're sold and rented and they become objects of art, it's very interesting. I realize I'm not experiencing being an object of art like in the book, and the moment where I'm part of a piece of art is fleeting and ephemeral and only moments of that is caught in the pictures, but it's still very interesting to me and is something I can continue to feed and edify myself from as an artist and a person. And have the added bonus of making money from it lol

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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Some Kind of Mask

I finished another piece and this one is a tattoo design commission and I'm VERY happy with the result and just how the whole entire process went!
'Cuz my customer approached me and was just like "I want a tattoo design by you", but nothing entirely concrete, we talked a little bit and I had him show me what pieces of mine he liked in particular and images of other stuff that he likes, otherwise, it was pretty much free reign for me.
So I put this down:

A rough idea, just to get started going somewhere, that I felt involved most of the things he likes, and since he liked it right off the bat (how lucky did I get with that! haha!), I kept working on it and here you have a progress shot, almost about to be done, when I'd already added some color:

And here you have the finished result, I worked for about three days, but working very slowly and faffing about like there was no tomorrow:

I used a 6B pencil, watercolors and colored pencils over an 8 x 10 inch paper, I like how it turned out =D

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Monday, November 7, 2011


So I finished the drawing that I talked about in the previous entry.

And I wanted to show my reference, which is an image I stumbled upon in tumblr:

What I like best of this drawing are the abstract that's coming out of her mouth and her hair, with the combination of sharp angles and flowing curves, I like how it turned out =D

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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Drawing with a 6B pencil

Today I'm doing a drawing with a 6B pencil, with a reference that I found in my tumblr. I used to think that I really LOVED those high B pencils, just because they're so DARK! but that's kind of a double edged weapon, because it's really easy to stain your piece, if you want to erase, there's probably going to be a little carbon smudge left behind and you might have to sharpen your pencil like a million time, because the lead is so soft.
It's like you're drawing with velvet lol

Anyway, this is what I'm currently working on and I hope to finish today =D

It's a girl with an abstract coming out of her mouth. At first, I was thinking of using as reference another picture I found in tumblr, which is one of those really amazing pictures of tinted water being dropped into transparent water. This picture in particular, the tinted substance is SO. DENSE. The texture in the whole picture is pretty amazing. That's something that I'd like to draw at some point as well, though.

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Saturday, October 8, 2011


I produced the three drawings in this entry in less than an hour, I'm going to post each drawing and it's corresponding reference.
After a while of feeling incapable and too easily distracted to produce anything that I'd really love, these three drawings reminded me that I CAN and have definitely made me feel better about myself. Moreover, I like them a lot, because they're a little bit different that what I normally do. I like their unfinished look, how there's movement in them, how quickly they were finished and now instinctive and releasing their production felt.

1. For this first one, my reference was a piece that I found in tumblr. I precisely liked it's movement and I immediately wanted to reproduce it somehow. This one's carbon over paper.
I don't know who the artist for the original piece is, though D:

2. For these two, my reference are two sculptures by artist Emily Zhukov. I talked about her once here already, I'm pretty sure, that I saw these amazing silver wings in another art exhibit of hers a really long time ago. So I went to another of her art exhibits and as soon as I saw the sculptures, I wanted to take pictures of them, so that I could draw their textures and today I finally did. These two are sanguine on paper, I specifically wanted to use sanguine.

And, well, I wanted to share all of this. I'm going to be participating in a festival, called "Festival Bohemio", if you're in Panama, this is going to be from October 12th to the 20th, it's going to be in different locations for that period of time and my piece is going to be at the library in Parque Omar.
Also, I'm going to have an individual art exhibit at a restaurant called "Don Patacón", in Calle Uruguay in front of Pure, that opens on October 20th. If you're in Panama, you're clearly invited lol I have the intention of putting the three drawings in this entry, among others =D

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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Astrobólido #1

I finished a commissioned portrait today, I hadn't done a commissioned portrait in a really long time and I've been hesitant to accept this kind of commission, just because I'd much prefer if my own work was sold. BUT WHATEVER!


This guy wanted me to draw him specifically with a jacket and aviator glasses, I thought it was curious and I asked him if he could tell me more about this "character". Turns out it's some kind of alter ego that is very close to where he is in life right now, so that's why this piece is like a comic book panel and that's why it's called "Astrobólido #1", like the first one of a comic book series =D

Here is a progress shot and the finished result =D

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Wednesday, September 7, 2011


This entry is about some of my most recent drawings, one finished and two that are in progress. The two that are in progress are commissions.

1. This is the most recent one, I finished this today, it's 3B pencil over paper and it's a mouth that I found in tumblr that I really liked and decided I'd draw it.

2. This is one of the commissions, it's a representation of Medusa and the future owner asked me to use Laetitia Casta as a reference, with emerald tree boas in her head and body of an anaconda. This one's 2B pencil over paper and this is the most recent progress shot.

3. This is the second commission and it's a skeleton tearing through skin. This one's also 2B over paper and this is the most recent progress shot and the anatomical chart that I'm using as guide for the head.

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Tuesday, August 2, 2011


I've finished two drawings in the past two weeks that I'm pretty proud of. Both of my references are pictures that I found while in tumblr.

This first one has no title and it's 8 x 10 inches, done with a 3B pencil, here's a picture of the finished drawing and what I used as reference.

And this second one, called "Valkyrie", detail of her tattoo and the reference =D I used a 2B pencil for her and she's 11 x 14 inches.

So, these are them!
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Wednesday, June 29, 2011


I've been kind of all of the place lately, but I HAVE bee working on things, that I'm posting some of those things here lol

1. This is one of two 4 x 4 feet canvases that I'm going to enter into a contest. For this, I used a bunch of scraps of canvas, 'cuz I don't want them to go to waste, I like how it turned out!

Sketch of what I want to do with this one and some of the paints I bought.

First stain down on the canvas =D

2. This is something that I started a while ago

3. This is something that I started yesterday

And finished today, surprisingly lol I was inspired by walls or roofs on fire in movies, it's what I tried to do anyway and it's called "Paper with Fire Texture" precisely for that reason, but it looks like some kind of insane slime haha!

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Friday, June 17, 2011


Well, I finished the drawing and named it "Succubus"
I seriously like how her face turned out and especially her mouth, the corset and her boobs, especially her right boob. The erect nipples get a little bit tiring and I just felt like doing some more natural look kind of thing and also kind of like Dawn.

Here's pictures of her and close ups of her =D

I hope you like her as much as I do!
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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Two posts in one day, sry lol

But I SERIOUSLY like how this drawing is coming along and I'm finishing surprisingly fast. At least fast for how slow I usually work.
And she's almost done!

HAHA! <3

Free Like the Sun

I finished "Free Like the Sun" yesterday afternoon.
I really like the facial expression and the painting gives me the impression like the sun is kissing her head <3 She's oil over canvas and 18 x 24 inches. She's part of the monochromatic series of paintings that I'm doing.

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Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Here's some progress pictures on that drawing that I started yesterday and another drawing that I started yesterday.

Her body:

Close up of her face:

The other drawing that I started

And work on her background =D