Tuesday, December 13, 2011


This is one display of this series of drawings that I've been making that go along the same line, of really loose lines, fast drawing, images of jumping women. And also, using a specific kind of carbon, as long as it's really scratchy and there's a lot of friction between the paper and my drawing tool, that's also something that is really specific of these drawings.

This one in particular is the last one, it's called "Electricity", it's carbon over paper and it took under ten minutes.

One of these days, I'll take pictures of all of the ones I've done.

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Friday, December 9, 2011

Pencil Women

I finished these two drawings last week and just got around to taking the corresponding picture lol
This first one that I'm going to show you, was using a reference that I found in Tumblr:

I've linked them, so you can see them in a bigger size in another window, I wanted them to be seen one next to the other for comparison purposes. Mine is titled "Fire Nymph" and she's pencil over paper.

This second one is also pencil over paper, no reference used, other than a picture of myself in the same pose as the drawing, just so I would get everything in it's right place. This one's titled "Hairbow".

Both these drawings were started and finished on the same day. "Fire Nymph" was done quickly, with fast and flowing lines, "Hairbow", as you can see, is a more detailed drawing. It definitely took a little bit longer, but it was finished on the same day.
I've found myself wanting to finish things quickly and wanting to produce more, just because I feel like I waste so much time so often, I was really inspired that day.
What I've also been doing is putting an idea down, as soon as I get it. Even if it's just the sketch and even if I'm not going to work on it right away. That's been helping me with improving my sketching abilities and with producing more.

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