Thursday, June 18, 2015


Yesterday, i started this drawing. I'm working with charcoal over a 30 x 44" stonehenge sheet. The drawing has a similar flavor to "P.O.V.". 
With the drawings that i've been making since "lipring", i've been seeking to reproduce the feeling that i had whilst making that drawing. A feeling of freedom and carelessness, no fear. No fear of "making mistakes" in the drawing, drawing and erasing and drawing and erasing over and over again.
It feels like a study, where i discover the right place of things, rather than being scared of not getting it right the first time. It's meditative and thoughtful, impulsive, instinctive, angry.
Since "lipring" i've been making self portraits where my face is deformed somehow. It's something to do with the image of myself, self image, how i'm supposed to look for those who look upon me. I don't want to care about that anymore, so with the drawigs i feel like i'm rebelling against that. 
This new drawing, with my references, i wanted there to be rolls on my body. This time, i want to deform my body.
Among other things, the drawing is still about physical violence. They're going to be a diptych, this one's the back and the other one will be the front. In my mind, i'm referring to them as the sisters.