Monday, November 1, 2010


Once upon a time, they called me the bleeder
Swimming up this river, with sentimental fever

That's part of a song from the Wallflowers' album "Bringing Down the Horse" and it came up whilst I was drawing my most recent piece and since there's definitely blood involved, I called it "Bleeder" =D
It's pencil and watercolor pencils over paper, I didn't take advantage of the watercolor quality of the colored pencils, though; I left it dry. I'm pretty proud of how it came out and the picture really doesn't do it justice, but unfortunately I don't have much more to take pictures with. The red looks more orange in the picture and it all looks a little bit deformed, since I've made it smaller, BUT no choice for now, really.
This one I'm not sure if it's for sale, 'cuz I like it a lot, it's very pleasant for me to look at lol

I actually wrote a little something that came to mind, whilst I was drawing it. Please remember I'm not a writer at all, so don't be mean if you don't like it or think it's lame XD

Here it is:

From the cavern that is her mouth
blood flows out
down the middle of her lower lip
down the middle of her chin
a dark red colored creek or cascade
drizzles steadily out

This is another one finished today, I'm also pretty proud of it. It's just pencil on paper, this one's definitely for sale at USD 50.00.

By the way, I've successfully sold two pieces to United States people, but in a really old fashioned way, through regular mail. Both times it's been people that I know and trust, so it's going to have to stay at that for now. Just thought I'd report that there HAS been some kind of progress and it's definitely possible to be done XD

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