Monday, November 14, 2011

Second set of nude photos and body painting.

The second nude photoshoot that I did this year also involved body painting, with Colombian artist Aanubis Vrussh and photographer Gerardo Pesantez.

He wanted me to represent fire, the end result looks more like magma, solidified and fluid. A friend told me that I look like a titan, which is pretty awesome lol
Unfortunately, Aanubis was asking for some really specific superhero and comic type poses, so I wasn't really given the time to explore a lot of poses and do something really cool and have all the painting really appreciated.

I really like this first picture, because you can really appreciate the paint on my hands and fingers, I LOVE what he did there. That degradation of color and the colors that he chose, remind me of some crazy flower, all I can think of is a lily and at the same time, some kind of glove.

In this second picture, I think, you see the work of painting the best and where you can see the entire work, because he painted me from the knees up.

This is one of the few pictures that I was doing my own pose, rather than what Aanubis was telling me. I think some really interesting stuff could have come out.

This is my favorite picture, although it's definitely one of the superhero poses that Aanubis was telling me to do.

So that's today's blog entry for you, I hope you like it and find it interesting =D I'm also going to write an entry for my second individual art exhibit that I had not long ago soon.

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