Saturday, November 5, 2011

Drawing with a 6B pencil

Today I'm doing a drawing with a 6B pencil, with a reference that I found in my tumblr. I used to think that I really LOVED those high B pencils, just because they're so DARK! but that's kind of a double edged weapon, because it's really easy to stain your piece, if you want to erase, there's probably going to be a little carbon smudge left behind and you might have to sharpen your pencil like a million time, because the lead is so soft.
It's like you're drawing with velvet lol

Anyway, this is what I'm currently working on and I hope to finish today =D

It's a girl with an abstract coming out of her mouth. At first, I was thinking of using as reference another picture I found in tumblr, which is one of those really amazing pictures of tinted water being dropped into transparent water. This picture in particular, the tinted substance is SO. DENSE. The texture in the whole picture is pretty amazing. That's something that I'd like to draw at some point as well, though.

So, that's it for today. Remember my Facebook page, remember to like it and share it with your friends =D Gabriela Handal Arte It's up to 1266 likes, I'm pretty proud of myself =D!

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