Thursday, September 10, 2009

Something of Everything.

I've not made an entry for a while D:

Today it's going to be a bundle of several things.
- Commission of a tattoo design.
- Notepads made from recycled paper.
- Hand made earrings.

Tiger and dragon as you'd find it in the internet or something.

The floral designs for the background

1. Commission of a tattoo design: The tiger and the dragon.
This was requested to me by a girl named Dalys, she wants a tattoo of the tiger and the dragon, with floral designs around them. She just wants to make the design her own.
The tiger and the dragon are seen pretty often with the ying-yang as a background, because they have opposing characteristics and complement each other. They're meant to represent two different fighting styles: The dragon being all elegant, stylish, delicate and thought out in his moves and the tiger being more driven by brute force and instinct.
In the usual ying-yang representations, they both look too much the same to me and the ying-yang, although a cool symbol, it's pretty worn out. SO I'm not using a ying-yang, they will be surrounded by the floral designs as if they were fighting in some natural setting and their physical position is meant to represent better their fighting style.
Unfortunately, I don't have a scanner big enough to scan that image, so I could only take a bad quality picture in Photo Booth. And I'm not finished with it yet, so it looks very bland right now, it's still in it's in between stages. But I'm definitely happy with how it's turning out and the future owner is also happy with it so far, what with her input for the design, too :D
It's 14 x 17 inches at this point and I'll be charging her USD 70.00. I think it will be really cool, that with this size, she can frame it and hang it wherever and show off her tattoo even more!

Most recent picture of the design


All of them together

2. Notepads made from recycled paper: This is really simple and easy. I take a bunch of paper that's only been printed on one side and the blank side isn't dirty and cut it into quarters and then staple piles of paper together and make the notepads! :D
I want to sell them in this flea market thing, so to make them prettier, I've made different drawings and things on them and the prices will range from USD 00.50 to maybe USD 5.00, the more elaborate ones.

These are my two favorite ones!


3. Handmade earrings:These are maybe more like hand assembled, because, really, I just bought the things that go in the ear lobe and attached different things on there. BUT I'm really happy with everything I've made and I'm thinking that I may buy more stuff and actually make several pairs and also sell them in that flea market ^_^

All of the earrings and necklace that I've put together

So, that's some of the stuff I've been doing.
The selling through eBay, I've given up on for now, because it's proven so difficult. The accepted payment methods that eBay has, all require me to have a physical United States address and actually BE IN the United States, so that's shot; and to have an account in a United States bank, some of them require an initial deposit of USD 3000.00 :(
BUT all is not lost, it was suggested to me by a friend to go to this store real near where I live called panama net buy, to sell my work and I went and they I CAN sell things through them (they have an eBay account and bank accounts and everything set up) and they'd charge a commission, but that's fine by me. I'm pretty sure I'm going to go with them.
Also, doing alright with the facebook group and page, JOIN and invite more people! Gabriela Handal Arte ^____^

I got rid of that Twitter thing, because I logged in one time and it showed as if I was following a bunch of people that I'd not added and some people that I WAS following were no longer there and I couldn't add them. So I shot that.


  1. Hi Gabriela,
    I'm interested in your earrings and some of the symbols you use. I are you going to use any Panamanian symbols? If so, which ones and what do each of them mean? I ask this because I am very interested in symbols from different countries.
    Regards, Richard

  2. You know, Richard, I hadn't thought about that AT ALL!

    It hadn't even occurred to me to use Panamanian symbolism, that's a really good idea if I'm going to sell things in a flea market, though!

    Honestly, now that you bring it up, I don't know if I will; because I don't feel that much closeness? I guess, to them? Except maybe some of the nature related ones, like the harpy eagle, the butterflies and the Panama tree.

    BUT, I can tell you which are some of our symbols: the flag, our coat of arms, the Panama Canal. And there are certain things, like the three I mentioned before that are Panamanian related, because of what "Panama" supposedly means, like abundance of butterflies and fish.

  3. Thanks Gabriela,
    I shall investigate your country's symbols for my personal interest. I suspect that religion is quite strong in your country, have you thought of using Roman Catholic symbols?

  4. I hope you find our symbols to be interesting, Richard ^_^

    I got the book you sent through google mail, it looks very nice, THANK YOU for it ^___^

    And you're right about religion being strong here, Panama is a young and very small country, with a pretty small population and the prevalent religion is Catholicism. It's actually a really good idea to use related symbols for the drawings on the notepads!