Monday, September 14, 2009


Today's entry is about a drawing that most people have disliked, but I SERIOUSLY like it XD

I like it, because I like the end result, I like the colors I used and how they turned out, I like what it's about, I like the character's body, her facial expression and general attitude; although I have to agree with viewers on her body's position being awkward and her body itself being awkward considering the amount of strength she's supposed to have. But that's who I visualized it, I can't help myself.

This drawing is meant to be a barbarian woman, that wields a double handed sword and said sword is about her size, if not a little bit bigger. She's some sort of mutant for her time, because of the amount of strength she has and that's contradicted by her body not manifesting her strength: she's not very strong looking, but very feminine, young and tight.
I don't really know what Vikings looked like and what they wore, because I haven't cared enough to look for that information, but I think of her as some sort of Viking.

We see her in the drawing, at a moment in which she's just picked up her sword and is holding it in a confident, but sort of playful manner. I wrote a little thing concerning the moment of the drawing, I hope I'm not mocked about my poor writing skills XD

I used pencil, water color and colored pencils for this drawing, it's 9 x 12 inches and I don't know if it's for sale D:

This is the drawing:

This is the passage:
The sword is almost as big as her, maybe bigger
She lifted it up, with her arms stretched out in front of her and her muscles are tense and she feels them contracting, but she's more than used to it and she lifts the sword with ease
She turns her head, her brow tightly frowned in concentration; her eyes directed and centered to who she's cutting up next, but the corners of her mouth a little bit raised in confidence and enjoyment
The wind blows her long orange hair and her loin cloth, but it doesn't distract her eyes from where they're pinpointed.
The smooth, svelt and economic body of the barbarian walked decidedly in the next chosen direction and she swung her sword in fron tof her like it was merely an extension of her arms and sliced accross three men at a time, cutting a path through the bodies, tearing them down like they were trees.

So that's it. I really like this drawing and I like what I wrote about it.
The group in facebook is up and running with a very wide selection of drawings, paintings and other things; it would be very nice if you went in the group, saw my work, joined and invited other people that you think would be interested in it! See you there! :D

Gabriela Handal Arte

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  1. Wow this one is trully awsome.....its so you..thats your face!!!!