Thursday, September 24, 2009

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle - V. 2.0

I finished two pieces made with recycled materials :D
So, I'm featuring those two here and talking about a couple of other things I'm working on <3

This is the finished piece "negative - positive"

Detail :D

1. This is the first one and the image above is what it looked like the first time I talked about it here in the previous recycled material pieces entry. At that moment, I had no idea what I'd call it, but I knew that that was exactly what I wanted the girl to look like and that each box would have shading.
So, I thought of the name "Super Slow motion Seizure" first, because it reminded me of those gifs that change color quickly that cause seizures on some people; but then towards the end I decided for "negative - positive". I'm very happy with the result :D
I used a 24 x 24 inch panel of compressed carton, then gave it several coats of reused paper, like receipts, flyers, things like those and then painted each side black and white.
This one's USD 200.00.


Most recent finished piece with reused materials :D


2. I don't have a name for this piece yet, but I DID want to make it solely with blocks of colors and then in the end, I decided I'd make it look dirtier by going over it with some dry black oil paint.
It's made with a 17 x 20 inch compressed wood panel, a bunch of coats of reused news paper and the blocks of paper are just reused pages of bond paper that were only printed on one side, that I cut up into different sizes.
The color blocks are painted with acrylic and the black in different parts and on top of the color to make it look dirty is oil.
This one's USD 50.00

3. These are two REALLY old pieces that I've taken up again and I'm going to finish sometime soon.

- First is Arianrhod: I started this one VERY long ago, maybe more than five years. It wasn't meant to be Arianrhod at first, it was just a portrait of a woman looking at the viewer, whilst the wind blew in her hair.
I've modified it by improving her facial features, which were made very clumsily and now she's standing straight, at first she was kind of slouching. Her eyes used to be all weird and had a stupid mouth, now she's awesome. And, of course, I added the moon behind her head.
This painting is 14 x 18 inches, oil on canvas and it's going to be USD 300.00


- Then is this fairy type with bee wings, which is probably a bit less old than the Arianrhod painting. I don't remember what kind of wings I wanted her to have at first, but they certainly weren't bee wings. And the proportions were way off, her neck is still really long, but I like how it looks. She's pretty far out now.

4. And a couple of pieces I'm working on that were from when I was still in school and we were copying works from the masters.

- A piece by Kandinsky: What I've been doing to this one is refining the colors and the circles, because I don't know WHAT I was looking at when I started, but the colors are way off and the circles were all horrible. Maybe my reference was off D:
This one's 18 x 24 inches and it's going to be USD 250.00


- I don't remember the name of this artist, but it's a surrealist piece, also from back in school when we were copying works of the masters. This one's going to be USD 300.00
I remember I was doing really good in that period, until we got to pointillism and I was set back, because I HATED doing pointillism so much >=/
BUT ANYWAY, those paintings in which I copy the work of masters, is an ongoing thing I'm thinking of doing. Like "cover art", like when somebody makes a cover of a song, except I'm making covers of master pieces XD
The art group is up and going great and so is the page I made. It would be seriously great if you'd joined and became a fan and invited other people to do the same. See you there! <3
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  1. Great post Gabriela,
    It's fun to 're-visit' old work.
    Regards, Richard

  2. Gbriela, estan exelentes...i me callaste la boca con el recuerdo de las otras ppinturas que veia en tu cuarto les estas dando tanta vida y tanto fuego...que de la belleza me queman....w0w!