Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Mario Benjamin

In the art exhibit I was helping to mount, out of all the things I saw, the works I liked most were from an artist called Mario Benjamin. Maybe somebody's heard of that art exhibit, it's a traveling thing called "Latitudes", it's gone from here by now.
Unfortunately, I didn't smarten up and take pictures and I haven't found those pieces in the internet; but OH WOW, they were amazing.
These are some examples of his work:

These resemble the ones at the art exhibit a lot, in the way they're painted and the colors and wotevz; I don't know if it was the yellow lights and the vibes inside the museum, but the ones there were so hypnotizing and beautiful.
One of them, was vertical not horizontal like the two posted above, red and black and looking down at the viewer with this defying, careless and angry stare. It was my favorite piece in the whole exhibit.
It made me feel as thought it was some sort of creature, that was in it's human form for now. But whatever it was still showed and he still emitted the angry vibes of the creature he is and it constantly struggles to go out.
A pretty mediocre source, if you want to read more about him
I WAS a little frustrated when I read the exhibit's catalogue, though, because I was hoping to read more about him, his paintings and how he feels about them and there was nothing about that. He was saying something about the identity of the artist's country and the stroke or some sort of puzzle type of thing.
I'd like to really pick at his brain and see what's up in there.

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