Wednesday, October 28, 2009

A self portrait

FINALLY another blog entry! I got a part time day job and my time to work is reduced by six hours.
I'd been working on a self-portrait for a while now, that had taken me long because I'm lazy, frustrated and there was a lot of hair in the piece that had to be painted. Also, I really liked how it was turning out and I was intimidated with hurrying up with it and fucking it up. So I was taking it slow on top of everything else.
So, in this blog entry, I want to show you the original picture, the process and the end result of the self-portrait.

1. The original picture: Sometimes I go on a personal photo shoot, just so I can have "up to date" pictures of myself and record what I look like from time to time. AND SO, I really liked how this picture turned out, it has an interesting facial expression. Originally, I was just sketching and was only going to draw the left eye, but I liked the picture so much I HAD to draw the whole thing.

2. The process: This series of pictures are the other way around, because they were taken with Photo Booth.
As stated in a couple of previous entries, the process is ALWAYS interesting. The medium is a compressed wood board, 17 x 19.5 inches, covered with several layers of reused news paper and then I cut up a bunch of pieces of paper that I have and stuck them on there.
I used white glue, as opposed to the spray on glue that I have, so there's a certain texture that pushes through the paper, I'd completely forgotten that I have spray on glue x_x

3. The end result: I'm VERY proud of myself. I like how it turned out and I really like how thick the texture of the hair came out.

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I'm also still going to use that PanamaNetBuy place to sell my things, but I'm intimidated by it, so I'm first going to choose one small piece to sell through there and see how it goes, I'll let you know how that goes <3


  1. Hi, Gabriela. You truly are gifted. Great self portrait! May you continue to be blessed with such gift... And, remember, it is about the journey, not the destination. Take your time, stop to smell the roses. All will fall into place in due time.
    Muchos cariños,

  2. Great effort Gabriela! I notice that the finished (last) drawing has been flipped horizontally, was that deliberate?

  3. I always love how the eyes come out in your work.
    It's like you took them from an actual pictures and glued them in there.

    One day I won't be too poor to get one of your pieces. :shakefist

  4. OMG!!! are you kidding me?? this is perfect, i can't believe my eyes actually..

    yeah, great effort..

    thanks for sharing..


  5. Holy wow!!! You are so amazingly talented. It blows me away everytime I look at a painting or drawing you have done.

  6. YOU GUYS!!!
    Thank you so much for your sweet words!! <333333333

    Richard, as stated in the writing, the ones that are flipped are the pictures of the process, because they were taken with PhotoBooth. The last picture is not flipped.
    BUT, because of the flash you really can't appreciate the nice texture the hair has.

    I look forward to you buying something from me, Juri, hopefully by them I'll have figured out a way to sell things internationally x_x

    Thanks to all you guys again. Seriously, you don't even know how much it means to me.