Thursday, April 9, 2009

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Lately, I've been in an ultimate recycling mode and I don't want to throw anything away, except organic things and shit that will rot. So, aside from separating things like plastic, cans, foam things, carton for recycling; I've separated other things and decided to make spiffy shit with them. Remember that the pictures are flipped horizontally, because I use photo booth, so everything is backwards.

This one doesn't have a title yet, but under the black and white paint, it has about three layers of different kinds of papers, receipts, a couple of cards, bills, shit like that. One of the few things that aren't sent to be recycled is paper and news papers, because recycling paper is really contaminating, to my understanding. First, I spray painted each side, because it's faster and then a couple of layers of acrylic black and white paint and then the actual work will be oil paints.
I hope the impression this piece gives, isn't something related to "double personality" or whatever, because that's not what I feel it means. Granted, I don't know what's there yet, but it's not that. This one is going to be around USD 400.00. Although the materials are definitely super cheap, it's the painting work, more than anything else. And also the fact that I like so much how it's looking, usually when I like something I'll make it more expensive than necessary XD

This one is about to be finished, I just have to finish gluing the plastic tube on there and finish working on the word "Breathe", which is also the title of the thing. What's being recycled here is the mask and the tube, it may not be much, but I refuse to throw it away, because it's so cool. My dad got this mask and another one and a bunch of other spiffy hospital shit at the end of last year, because he had to have his gallbladder removed and I've kept everything, 'cuz I'm gonna use all those mothers. To glue the tube, my dad gave me this stuff that's used for cars called "GOOP" and it's super sticky and you're supposed to use it in a ventilated area. And the way it works, is you put some of the stuff on each side of what's going to be stuck together, you let it dry for a while and THEN you put both sides together. It smells nice, haha! XD
This one is going to be around USD 350 or 400.00.

I know this thing looks like a fucking mess and that's because it pretty much is. This is the piece with the most amount of recycled things. The piece of wood is covered with news paper, then it has pieces of thin carton bags from whichever stores, then it has some fabric, then a bunch of receipts, a soap, fliers, a piece of a broken dish, a limited edition Marlboro box (some aluminum metal thing, I don't even know, but it was awesome), some fish net, part of some shorts of mine, a cent a container of one of those things that you stick up your nose, when it's stuffed. Then I spray painted part of it and on top of the black spray paint I used some white oil paint and did some shit with that and the stuff that looks like blood, is crimson oil paint and, yeah, it's meant to be bleeding, but not because I love blood and shit (although, it IS some amazing stuff), but kind of because of a song by the Wallflowers called "Bleeders". The song has a line that says "Everything just bleeds". I dig it.
This one will probably be about USD 150.00.

This is the simples piece, but it's the only one that's made entirely out of recycled stuff. I used the box in which my computer came. I cut that mother up in different sized squares and stuck it back together and painted it, that's it. And my dad said he liked it from the beginning, so now that it's finished, it's going to go in his office.

This one is more along the lines of sculpture and what's recycled about this one is the news paper and the base, which is one of those foam plates/dish thing that meat, chicken or pork or fish come in. I usually keep the biggest ones, for when I paint, to put the oil paints on and mix colors and shit.
The "face" is modeling clay with plaster on top, that I sort of sculpted. I know it looks like crap, but that's because it's halfway to being finished.
This one's going to be between USD 90 or 100.00


  1. These are so cool. @_________@
    I love the 'breathe' one the most I think.

  2. AWESOME that you like them!! @______@

    Yeaahhh, "Breathe" really is a special thing.

  3. I'd actually pay 150 for the third thing if I had it. O.O

  4. COOL!!!! A potential future buyer!!! @____________@ Haha! <3

  5. I'm not even half kidding.
    If I had money I'd buy it right now.