Monday, April 20, 2009


For a long time, I've thought of my feelings as a raging sea inside my chest. Or just thought of feelings in general that way and, it may have been brought about by Björk's video "Jóga", where towards the end she's standing atop a mountain or something and she's opening her chest with her hands and inside there's an island. That image has stayed with me since then and it always brings some kind of comfort and wonder to see it.
So, feelings would be inside one's chest, where the sternum is, and this drawing has to do with that image. The woman in the drawing is overwhelmed by her feelings, which pour out of her chest and are flooding her surroundings and make her weak, so she leans against the back of a chair. And her feelings are moving around her as if they were the sea.

The drawing is kind of like a two panel comic strip, in the first part, she has her eyes closed and tries to stop her feelings from pouring out, by covering her chest with her hand. In the second part, they're still pouring out all the same and even a bit more, but she looks up at the viewer, maybe asking for some help or understanding.

Also, I don't know exactly why, but I wanted to sign the drawing as if it was a print. I guess it just looks that way to me; so on the bottom left there's the number this copy in particular above and the amount of copies of the "print" made below (1/1), in the middle the title and on the right my signature and, under the signature, I put all the other shit I usually sign the drawings with, the date and where it was finished. The drawing is 2B pencil and watercolor for the sea, it's 12 x 18 inches and it's USD 100.00.

This other drawing, was me trying to "experiment" and it's the only other drawing I've made with the same dimensions as "Feelings", that's why I'm talking about it in this same entry >_>. So on that drawing there's pencil, watercolor, acrylic, a Sharpie marker, which is that black stuff at the bottom (x_x) and sanguin. That drawing is called "Sun and moon, respectively", because both faces have Egyptian eyes painted on as kind of make up and the left Egyptian eye means the moon and the right means the sun. This one is USD 90.00 and I seriously like it.

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