Thursday, April 16, 2009


Yesterday, I decided this next entry would be about the Incubus.

First, though, here are some links that lead to WHAT an incubus is:
- Wikipedia
- Occultopedia This website is kind of annoying, because some pages have animation and cheesy music, but I don't know if all the pages have sound. Nice to read, though.

This is the original. Or maybe not the original, just the first one. The drawing and the would be story are called "Seduction of an Incubus"

My incubus started out as a little 4 x 6 inches drawing, when I was still working at a call center and they let us have a couple of things atop the desk and I'd draw, when there weren't any calls. I bought the very small drawing book, because drawing on the spare pages from trainings sucked and I could carry the small drawing book around without it getting too much in my way. And it was kind of inconspicuous.
Anyway, when I started drawing him, I wasn't like "yeah, I'm drawing an incubus today", the drawings usually start with a little left eye and then the rest of the face comes along, whatever it may be. So, at the time, I was a bit more dedicated to fantasy art and that's how he got the four horns and as I drew him he started looking like a demon type thing and his eyes were staring out at me and this whole story started occurring to me about how he's an incubus and how he's going to seduce the narrator.
Also as I drew him and the story was coming up, it was super easy to visualize everything about him physically. How his skin would be like polished marble, but still warm and the color of a really gray sky; his thick mouth would be so red, it's almost purple; his eyes with no whites would be a tone of purple that has a little bit more red than blue in it; his hair is super thick, heavy and straight, jet black; and his build is slender and muscular. I could picture all of this in the story.

This is the second drawing I made of him. He's just chilled out there, I trip on this being the cover of the graphic novel. It would be a hard cover *_*

So this drawing is a really long term project that I'd like to make into an illustrated novel or graphic novel or whatever. The story is meant to be super graphic, because the incubus is seducing the narrator and fucks her brains out, but I also don't want it to be lewd, like a Penthouse story or something and I don't have enough imagination to think of "neutral" words, but then maybe "neutral" words will kill the mood for some people and thinking about that rattles my brain. And the story would also have amazing super detailed illustrations, so it would be like a really complicated adult comic. It will be my baby. Don't nobody steal my fucking idea >=/
BUT YEAH, since writing the thing has gotten so difficult, I've laid off that for now and I usually stare at the little drawing, until it makes me uncomfortable and when I was making the paintings for the art exhibit, I decided it would be appropriate to make a painting out of him. As kind of a way for me to get to know my creation better, and MAN it was an awesome experience. I think I enjoyed painting him the most and he was also the last painting to be worked on and finished.

This is the enlarged version I tried to make. It's not bad, but his eyes are too small, face too wide, has a stupid facial expression in comparison to the original

First I had to enlarge the incubus' face, because the canvas is 24 x 36 inches (XD) and I tried just drawing it again. The result wasn't bad, but it just wasn't AMAZING and hypnotizing like the original, and then I got the BRILLIANT idea of just photocopying the thing, DUH, right? 6_9 Anyway, I did and then, after a lot of struggle finding a way to get the body and pose I wanted, he was on the canvas.
Painting him was incredibly pleasurable, right from the beginning. And from day one, just stained, he'd stare at me. I went on this AWESOME trip the whole time, that I'd added a body and color, so in no time, he'd walk right out of the canvas. I felt like I was merely doing him a favor, by bringing him to life this way and, by me getting into it like this, he was taking over me and it felt like some really strange kind of foreplay. It was the best thing ever.
Also, while I was working on him, since the incubus is supposed to be kind of a secret lover, nobody knew I was working on him NOBODY. That was also part of my trip, that he's my lover and nobody can know he exists. So, although he was in my room the whole time, neither my dad, brother or boyfriend knew what I was doing.

This is the painting as it was in the art exhibit. Sorry for the watermark and censored part. That's just him touching his balls and hard on, but I'm pretty sure I can't put up naked people here. I thought it was pretty funny, how people didn't stay and look at him and they referred to how several of the paintings had horns, but nothing about how he's a naked demon with a boner. The naked male body, I guess is just not as common to see as the naked female body

So, in the painting, he's meant to be coming out of the shadows, because in the writing, there's no particular source of light; and he's meant to be coming out of the shadows, with confidence that the viewer will allow herself to be seduced and his head full of evil intentions. In the end, the shadows on him weren't as marked as I'd thought originally, but I felt that he wouldn't have been as visible that way.
Looking at him for a prolonged time never fails to make me smile, because I'm so proud of him and all the things that revolve around him.
The painting is USD 1500.00, and I've considered either making it more expensive or just not having it for sale at all, because I don't want anyone to have him. If I had a lover, it would be him and if any demon could seduce me, it would also be him.

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  1. I think he is most certainly worth more than 1500, but if someone will love him like you do in their home I think it'd be worth the sale.

    I don't see the same problems in the enlarged version that you do, but I mean're the artist! Aahaha.