Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Guardian of Anubis

"Guardian of the Temple of Anubis" is one of the most recent drawings I finished. It's a woman, with a spiffy haircut, the eye of Ra painted on her left eye, an ankh shaped birth mark above her heart, holding a jackal mask and "Guardian Anubis" in hieroglyphs behind her.
(By the way, the pictures I've uploaded so far, including the ones in the previous entry, are taken with Photo Booth and everything is flipped horizontally).
Anyway, supposedly, this Guardian of Anubis that I've drawn is a person that was born to guard the temple of Anubis and this is known from the moment they're born, because of the birth mark above their heart that's shaped like an ankh. They're a type of were-people, because they transform into jackals, when they need to exert their duty of guards, but they need aid from the mask. It's what they use to transform.
For the hieroglyphs, I used an online translator from English to hieroglyphs. This one. 
I don't know just how accurate it is, but I wanted to have hieroglyphs behind her and I'm cool with how those look.
I used 2B, 3B and 4B pencils. The drawing had started out a long time ago, when I still went to art university and the paper is super old and when I pressed the pencil too hard or erased too much, bits of fiber would come off. And the paper also has a weird color on it, but that's cool, I think it adds a nice effect of being old and shit.
And, finally, I burnt some parts of the edges of the paper, because I thought it could look like a cool scroll type of thing.
I'm not particularly into Egyptian mythology, but they DID have some pretty cool gods and goddesses and their symbols are just super cool. I just like mythology in general and I think the Egyptian's old meticulosity is admirable.

Also, in that picture I put up, I drew my eyebrows on with a brown eyeliner pencil, as opposed to the black one I've used most of the time. I know it looks like shit, leave me alone XD

The art works, unfortunately are only available for sale here in Panama, unless I go to another country and whip them out and say they're for sale, because I've yet to devise a way to exchange them for money outside of Panama.
"Guardian of the Temple of Anubis" is USD 90.00. 


  1. Wait, are the Guardians of Anubis were-people with birthmarks a part of real Egyptian mythology or is this something you or someone else made up? Either way, it's incredibly cool looking. I like all the symbolism. :D

  2. Oh, no no no! I made up the whole Guardian of Anubis thing! XD

    It's awesome that you like it!!! ^_____________^!!!

  3. Ahhhh, just to be sure xD
    I love how you made up a whole background thingie for the picture. It really shows artistic flair, imo.

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