Saturday, April 11, 2009

Some Artists I like

I didn't write anything yesterday, because I suck. I had a pretty busy day, with hanging with my dad and brother visiting this AWESOME fort, bathing in the spiffiest beach ever in my underwear and then, when we got back, hanging with my boyfriend.
What I MEANT to do yesterday, was link to some artists that I hold in high regard and that make me incredibly envious at how GOOD they are and how sickeningly AMAZING their work is. I'm going to do these three today.

"Sleipnir" by Keith Thompson

1. Keith Thompson: I'd seen Keith Thompson's work in a book I have called "Anatomy for Fantasy Artists", except I didn't know his name and then I don't remember how I stumbled upon his website. I don't know what techniques or tools he uses to make his pieces, I don't know what he looks like. But those drawings (I think they're drawings) are simply amazing. They're so detailed and meticulous and not a single line wasted. And I love how, in the website, each work has a little story, I mean, he IS a fantasy artist and most things inevitably has a story.

"Chirurgeon" by Maya Kulenovic

2. Maya Kulenovic: I don't know exactly how to describe what I feel when I see this woman's work. I DO know that I'm completely hypnotized, a little bit uncomfortable and sometimes I'm pretty close to becoming scared. She paints just so you can see some details, but at the same time it's kind of rough. I think it's that quality and such high contrast which hypnotizes me. I got the above image from the gallery "Faces"

"El Gato Helecho" by Remedios Varo

3. Remedios Varo: I'm sorry about the website being angelfire, but it's the only one that had sort of properly sized images of the paintings and also the most.
I stumbled upon this lady, when I was still going to university. We were each told to pick an artist and I picked her, because she was the only one that wasn't from the United States and that wasn't European. Turns out she WAS European, because she was born in Spain, but then I don't remember what happened and she was Mexican. I guess she married a Mexican guy or something. Anyway, I'm completely clueless about her technique, because I was reading about it one time and it's this super convoluted shit that I'm too stupid to understand. But the end result is super satisfying to look at. I feel like her works have some sort of childish thing going on, but they're also kind of mysterious. I like looking at her work, because of the amount of detail and because I'm trying to think what the story behind the image is. She was a surrealist, but she definitely had a touch of fantasy art going on in there.

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