Wednesday, April 15, 2009


I've been working on this little 5 x 7 inches canvas today, I think I'm going to stop already, because there's wet paint all over it and my pulse sucks and have a super hard time working unless I can lean my hand on something. I mean, I CAN, but I'll avoid it whenever possible.
I started this one a long time ago and it's part of a kind of project of making the two eyes, nose and mouth of separate little canvases, not necessarily part of the same face.

I think the eyes are one of my favorite body parts, there's also the hands and feet, the face, back, abdomen, legs. I mean, I like all of the human body x_x
The eyes stand out a little, I think, all of their anatomy, everything about their shape and components.
I'd rather not go much more into it, I tried and was rambling like a moron. I was painting on the canvas with oil paintings.
The image below is a super close up of the iris.

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