Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Strange World

This was the invitation/flyer. The only thing made by computer is all the writing except for "Mundo Extraño", I made that with watercolors.

"Strange World" was the name of my first individual art exhibit and I had to put it together all on my own. From finding the place, to making the paintings, to decorating the place, getting foodz, making invitations, fliers, posters, hiring somebody to cater, putting it on some kind of medium of communication. EVERYTHING.
The purpose of it, was for me to be able to get my Bachelor of Arts degree, specializing in easel painting. I don't even know how that measures up to the rest of the world, because I always get impossibly confused whenever I want to look for Masters or something. I GUESS? A master is what comes next? I don't know.
ANYWAY, yeah, before being able to make the art exhibit and work on it, I had to write like a little thesis that revolved around the theme that I wanted to make the paintings about, which was Fantasy Art. And why I chose it and why I like it and an analysis of the paintings, glossary, whatever the shit. I say little thesis, because I didn't go over one hundred pages of written stuff. So I had to present that shit, talk in front of three teachers so they'd grade me and whatever and THEN I'd be able to make the art exhibit.

I was actually pretty clear on how I wanted the place to be decorated and what shape I wanted the room to be. It's relatively simple: I just wanted the paintings to be hanging all over the walls of an entirely matte black, square room. I didn't even think of framing the paintings, because I think that's up to the person that buys each painting and it's better if they see each painting in it's most bare form. In MY opinion, anyway >_>
There IS such a room as I wanted here, in the "Museo de Arte Contemporáneo", funny thing about that joint, is that it's pretty far from being a museum, it's just a huge ass mother gallery. But, yeah, they have this little room, that's all painted black, the walls, the floor and the roof; and the time I entered there that I was totally taken aback was with this artist woman that did things in metal. I don't remember her last name, but she had in that room these BIG ASS metal wings, painted silver and they were just hanging in the middle of the room. And, you know, describing sensations is always a ramble and it's always confusing and this is why this is a big fucking paragraph of bullshit right now, but I felt like I was floating in space or just somewhere where I was somehow separate from the rest of the world and I felt immense comfort and wonder. Like, the wings were just these super mysterious.. contraptions, that although I knew were hanging from nylon strings, were just floating there, suspended in time.

These are the wings, except that they're huge wings and they don't look as awesome with that grey background. Her name is Emily Zhukov, by the way >_>

I wanted that sensation for my art exhibit and it's kind of the sensation that I feel when I see my finished works.
HOWEVER, that museum doesn't hold art exhibits for artists that aren't recognized, but the director guy super totally loved my drawings, so that was cool.
I found another place with a nice square room, it's this stupid, trendy library place we have here called "Excedra Books" and they have a conference room where they hold art exhibits. Except, I'd find in the end, I was only renting the walls and not the entire room, so they still held conferences in there and it wasn't an awesome empty room anymore, it was full of folding chairs most of the time. Fucking assholes >=/
So, since I couldn't modify the room itself, I kind of had to work on top of the walls, like I couldn't paint the walls, for example. What I did in the end was just hang black fabric behind each painting and WOW it was amazing how everything looked. The lighting was perfect, because I'm incredibly fond of that yellow colored lighting, it's always been the color of the bulbs in my room XD

It's a pretty big room, as you can see. The paintings looked so small

I LOVED how it turned out, because when somebody approached whichever painting, it would look as if it was just floating in space, because everything was black behind it and with the little bits of air from the air conditioner or whatever, the fabric would move a very little bit behind the paintings and it looked like they were breathing, but the kind of mellow breathing from when you sleep. It was the most incredible thing ever. And I was SO proud of them finally hanging for a public to see.

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