Friday, July 9, 2010

3 Art Exhibits

I went to three art exhibits about two weeks ago, I wanted to get the entry into June, but I didn't. Either way, yes, three art exhibits.
It's important for an artist to keep going to art exhibits to be aware of what fellow artists are doing; after all, art is also a business as is any other career, and to keep ourselves rich and our imaginations fed with new stuff all the time.
By the way, I made all the images smaller, but linked them to an outside page so you can see them full size, if you click on them <3

1. "Hechuras" by Martanoemí Noriega
I liked this art exhibit for the most part, I found some of the pieces to be too busy for my taste, but a couple of them had this nice movement about them. I guess, it's because they involve wood burning, ochre colors, black and very dark brown were very present. The only one piece with the color red in it, reminded me of a comic panel in which an explosion just happened.
I liked that a lot of the pieces were vertical, I think that lends itself a lot for being bought and to decorate a home and I thought that the ones that were horizontal would have been better if they'd have been vertical, except for the one that's called "Sol", which is the one that has like a black sun dawning over the edge of the piece, it's certainly very nice <3
I HAVE however mixed feelings about the wood burning, I read about wood burning in Wikipedia and I guess it's a super old form or art, but I feel as though it pollutes?

2. "Vaivenes" by Kansuet
"se nace en la hamaca,
se duerme o cescansa en la hamaca,
y se muere en la hamaca"
I am incredibly envious of this person's work, just because it's SO BEAUTIFUL! This was my favorite of the three art exhibits I visited that day, I love the surrealistic vibes and bubbles that surround his perfect human figure, which is also perfectly consonant with what happens whilst one is asleep. I'm amazed with how perfectly well he achieved the facial expressions of sleep, that very peculiar face of vulnerability and innocence.
The title of the art exhibit: "Vaivenes", which is kind of like, coming and going, is allusive of the swaying of a hamock. This artist is a Kuna and hamocks are a really big part of their lives, hence the amount of images of the kids on hamocks =D
Something else I noticed was how the pieces didn't have the prices, yet they were still sold. I guess that's what happens when you're famous or people know you, if they're really interested in a piece, they'll go ask how much it is and regardless of how much it is, they will buy it ***ENVY****
Moreover, I really liked the gallery itself, it's called Allegro and I'd never been there before, but I really liked the vibes of the place, the soft lighting and how welcoming it felt and kind of like a home <3

3. "Crónicas de una Visión"
This was the least favorite of the three art exhibits, a collective one. I have no problems with collective art exhibits, obv, I just didn't feel as though this one had anything out of the ordinary, moreover the place itself gave me strange vibes, it's some sort of a loft place, with bare walls and floors and very angular. The pieces here didn't have any kind of information next to them, no title, name of artist, media used, price, anything; the place and that peculiarity of no information on the pieces actually made me feel kind of confused or something.
The pieces that I did find really interesting were the one with the bull, just because I thought the way it was painted was curious and there were some with this really old school looking human figure, with bits of objects painted onto the piece, like one had a lighter, another one had a blue rose; but at the same time, I didn't notice any kind of brush strokes on the canvas, it didn't even look like canvas. I thought it was some kind of collage or maybe it had varnish on it.

So, those are the art exhibits I went to. I'm proud of myself, 'cuz I went to the three of them in one day XD
SO YEAH. The page is going on nicely and I update regularly with status updates, pictures of things I'm doing, wether at my day job or at home or gigs that I've scored; such as the one that I have for this weekend in which I'll be painting Bvlgari bottles at a mall here. I'm REALLY excited about that =D
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