Monday, February 13, 2012

"Succubus" and the sea tattoo design.

I decided to retouch "Succubus"'s background, because it was much too monotonous for my taste, too flat and boring. But I was also afraid that whatever I might do would overwhelm her and she would disappear.
Today I finished what I decided to do, which is kind of what I usually do to represent fire.

I like that she looks like she's in front of the wall of fire and I like that the fire seems to be in front of the darker background I drew to the sides. I also like the degradation on the fire itself, that the fire directly behind her is darker than the one farther out.

I've also advanced a bit more on the sea-themed tattoo design and I really like how it's looking. My favorite parts are the water in the background and the nautilus. The picture does not show how good the nautilus is looking, but I'll put a better quality picture when it's finished.
The quote says "if not now, when?", the future owner is an Incubus fan lol
This design is going to be a half sleeve.

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