Wednesday, March 14, 2012


This is one of my most recent drawings that isn't commissioned work and it's based off of the two women that are joined by the hair in the "Closer" video by Nine Inch Nails.
I've always found it curious (several of the images in the video, but yeah) and you don't really find images of those two specifically in the internet. Maybe I wasn't patient enough in looking for them, but you definitely find gifs of a lot of other parts of the video.
EITHER WAY, I took the time to screencap a ton of things in the video, the two women included, because I wanted to draw something very similar to them.

There's also two women joined by their hair/head in the "Push It" video by Garbage and I can say there's a little bit of those in this drawing, too, I did want part of the hair section in the middle to be kind of like wrinkled, wet fabric. Like the girls in the Garbage video.

So here you have the finished drawing and close ups of both of the girls.

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Thank you for everything <3

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