Thursday, July 19, 2012

Conexión Drácula

Last night was the opening of the art exhibit that shows the pieces produced at the artistic residency Conexión Drácula. There was a total of eight visual artists, a photographer and a writer/poet. Each one produced two pieces and we all participated in the production of a third collective piece.
I'm to show you my two pieces and explain how the process went.
For the first challenge/piece, we were shown the Dracula Chimera orchid, which is a pretty strange flower. It's hairy, it's lanky, and just not the kind of daintiness that you expect to see in a flower I guess.
We were all sitting in a living room and we were asked to provide with adjectives of the impression the flower gave us, a list was made and once there were enough adjectives, we were the assigned an adjective at random.
I got "venenosa" -> "poisonous" and I wanted to portray it in the Poison Ivy way. So this is what I produced:

We were meant to keep our word to ourselves until the end.
For the second challenge, we were assigned the finished piece of a fellow artist at random and I got Luz Eliana Tabares's piece.
Her piece made me feel some kind of uneasiness, it reminds me of a furry beast, she painted an iris right above the labellum of the flower; which by the way is set horizontally, because she didn't want it to so obviously look like the orchid. It's some sort of animal at a very aggressive moment, which was precisely the word she got: animal.
So I wanted to retain the animal/beast/chimera/eye, but I made the piece vertical and a creature that is in a calm and passive, maybe observant, moment. After painting for a while, I started getting the feeling that they were both creatures that belonged in a bestiary from the Middle Ages.
Here they are both together and a closeup of mine:

The residency was a really memorable experience <3
That's all for today, I hope you enjoyed it and don't forget my Facebook page: Gabriela Handal Arte
See you next time!

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