Saturday, November 17, 2012

Water Nymph Ondine

I did some pictures at the end of last year in collaboration with Grace Solarte (the makeup artists) and Sofía Rodriguez Riba. They have this very cool project of reproducing a piece of whichever local artist they like, with the artists somehow involved in the picture.
I'm the first and, so far, the only one they've done. They chose my drawing "Water Nymph - Ondine) and we reproduced my drawing and the story of Ondine. I'm going to show off here the drawing itself and the the pictures that I liked the most of the photoshoot.
So this is the drawing, I used pencil, colored pencils and watercolor over paper

I seriously liked all the pictures, but these four are some of my favorites. I think Sofía used a Minotla camera, I honestly don't know, but it's a manual camera, where you have to manually gauge and judge by the lighting and all this shit that I think it one of the things really gives a photographer his/her validity and talent. So these pictures have such richness, and they're flat, but I feel like I could reach out and touch everything in each scene.
I think my favorite picture (although I'd like to emphasize again that I really liked them all and I love looking at them and their gorgeous green and blue predominance and richness), is the pregnant one. When a nymph becomes pregnant by a human, she loses her immortality and begins to age at a very rapid rate. I LOVE the facial expression in that picture, the protective gesture of her hands and arms on her bloated stomach, it is so palpable to me that she's very aware of her choice, there is some fear maybe, but there is so much determination and pride in her facial expression.
I've linked the pictures so that you click on them and you see a bigger version

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