Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Pieces of the Universe

I've always found the Universe pretty interesting, beautiful and fascinating, but usually it's so OUT THERE and INFINITE, INCREDIBLE, UNENDING and all those big words; but it's shit that's so far out, that I'm usually too dumbfounded to really get into it and can only admire and drool. It's just shit that I'll probably never understand. Does it really matter? Is it meant to be understood? Fucked if I know.
Sometimes I think my abstracts are me trying to channel my feelings for the universe. Or sometimes I have an urge to imitate those beautiful shapes the nebulas have, that remind me of my abstracts. Or maybe they're what I'd like my abstracts to look like if I was a super genie at abstracts. Previous entry about abstracts
BUT ANYWAY, I found this video a long time ago (a long time ago being maybe more than a year? Maybe?), and it never fails to make me cry. For lots of reasons: We really are SO small and meaningless and we worry SO MUCH about such stupid shit that matters only to us and really has no consequence; the Hubble is a pretty amazing thing and watching the video makes me think it's alive; NOTHING MATTERS, not really.
I guess, the feelings the video gives me could be taken as depressive; but I find it amazingly relaxing and relieving: It doesn't matter what I do, when I'm gone, nobody will remember me, nothing I ever did will matter; so I can just chill and do whatever I want while I can and enjoy it <3
Youtube link to the video
In the previous abstracts entry, I'd talked about how I tried to do the same abstracts with little canvases, but I didn't really like how they turned out; well, I've taken them up again and finished three of them yesterday and today. I seriously seriously like them: They're each a little window of something into something and I feel wondered when I look at them. I imagine maybe I'm seeing something, somewhere in the universe is happening right at that time, live as I'm looking at the painting.
Here they are ^_^ By the way, the prices include the frames.


1. "Cracks of light" 9 x 6 inches USD50.00
This one's pretty old, I LOVE the name, it has acrylic and oil, I love the colors. It's some sort of stellar event going on there. Or light breaking into the permanent dark of space.


2. "Explosión" 6 x 8 inches USD40.00
I love how dynamic this one is, to me it looks as though it's moving, it's an explosion somewhere in space that *just* happened. I can almost hear it!


3. "Nubes de apocalipsis" 7 x 9 inches USD60.00
In English, the title is "Apocalypse Clouds". Or something like that.
Ok, this one's not the universe LOL, but it goes here, because I finished it along with the other two, it's an abstract and it reminds me of the sky, which is less mysterious than the universe, but it's still fascinating and full of wonder.
It reminds me of those post-apocalyptic skies, how they're usually illustrated in comics or movies, with a lot of ochre colors, brown, yellow.


4. "Nervio del sol" 5 x 7 inches USD60.00
This one's title in English is "Nerve of the Sun", it's just the impression it gives me. It's deep under the part of the sun that we see, the sun is not just a ball of gas, it's alive and has nerves like we do.

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  1. I like your artwork. These particular pieces look inspired and have a good feel about them. Sometimes it feels like there is no end, yet if working towards a goal eventually the goal is achieved and it feels great.

  2. Gabriela: What comes to my mind is conceit/metaphor; both by your expression of thoughts in this blog and by the paintings themselves, which I find very inspirational indeed. They are big, powerful and magic like; having the quality of transporting one across the infinte. Mystical, if you please. Fantastic job! Thanks for sharing and I wish you much success. Honored to have made your aquaintance, Bell