Saturday, September 11, 2010

Girl.With.Mohawk - Live Painting v. 2.0

I participated in another live painting event, this time at a discotheque called "Pure" and I painted alongside my colleague Mariery Young. Here is a link to her blog: Organized Chaos
I was really excited to work next to her, because I completely envy and admire the way she works. My impression is that it's very instinctive and improvised and there is a freedom to it; freedom and speed are two things I'd really like to add into my work, as mentioned several times before, there's kind of a stiffness when I make human figure, I feel. I just want to be able to make more.
And the day before yesterday, I wanted to soak up on Mariery's vibes. I have no qualms on taking inspiration from other people and I have no care about where inspiration comes from (I wrote a little thing about that in one of the notepads at work: "Inspiration? I'll take your inspiration, no matter who you are and feed off of it". I like it.), so I tried to relax and trust my gut whilst I worked.
Which is something I believe in, anyway. Trusting your gut.

So yeah. I really would have liked to just look at her while she worked, but I had to do my thing too and since I work so slowly, I couldn't dick around XD

I did a couple of sketches, one at work with the reused paper notepads and when I got back home, I threw another sketch down on a 14 x 17 inch sketch book; just so I'd loosen up my hand. I also had NO idea how big the canvas we'd work on would be and I wanted to have a good idea of what I had in mind and I also didn't know how big our selection of colors would be. And both, the canvas and the colors were pretty generous XD

So, anyway, on to the pictures <3 I seriously love this picture <3 Mari at this point was actually waiting for the acrylic paint to dry, that's just how fast she works x_x And I was like "lol I don't have to wait, 'cuz I work so slow".
I really like how Mari looks in this picture! I think there's some movement and spontaneity (it's also a little bit blurry lol) and those two things emulate her work.

I was lusting at her work LOL

Side by side <3

Mari's piece.

And that's it! It was a very satisfying experience <3 Thank you so much for reading again! Please follow my blog, to keep updated on what I've been doing and also like my page in Facebook: Gabriela Handal Arte Also, suggest it to all of your friends with the suggest to friends link under the profile picture, I would also like to see you there!

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