Monday, September 30, 2013

Hermes and his legs

Today, i had cast drawing, my teacher's name is Roberto Osti. We drew with charcoal and white chalk over tone paper.
The purpose of today's work was to use the tone of the paper for the midtones and to incorporate that with the highlights and the shadows, shadow mass and light mass.
Although i really like how this looks, it is incorrectly done, because i haven't grasped how to use the tone of the paper for the midtones. My teacher demonstrated a little bit with the sphere that you see there on my paper and on Hermes' hat, but i still kind of haven't grasped that. I'll see if i can make it work for the assignment, in which we have to choose another cast and work on it in the same way.
I find Hermes' pose to be beautiful, i like the sculpture entirely, his body, his face, the fabrics and the stump of tree upon which he sits. I set up some almost overhead lighting, because overhead lighting is awesome.

So this is my monday morning class, this is what i was able to do in just under three hours of class.

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