Saturday, September 28, 2013

Starving artist/art student

I find myself currently enrolled in the New York Academy of Art's MFA program.
It took me a while to find this school and I don't remember how I stumbled into it's program, somewhere on the internet, probably, but I found it and I started in August.

I liked the program, because of how hands-on and manual it is, there is drawing for the most part and the study of the human figure, which are the two things that I like most.

Here is a picture of the work that I have up in my studio, some of it personal, some of it things that I've done in class, like the bust of Zeus.
I'm on the fourth floor, Studio #7, if you want to come by and set up a studio visit ('cuz I HAS a studio now, after all) by all means let me know and if you are interested in buying anything from me, let me know, too!
Also, I'm on the verge of setting up an Etsy shop, so you'd be able to buy from me from there, too! I'm such a diligent little bee sometimes.
Do remember my Facebook page: Gabriela Handal Arte

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