Friday, November 27, 2009

The Tiger and The Dragon - v. 2.0

So I finally finished the tiger and the dragon tattoo and I have to say, I'm SO proud of how it turned out.

It took me a while to finish it, because I was very intimidated by both animals and because I don't often draw and paint animals. But this piece needed to be AMAZING.
AND SO. Here it is finished, in all it's beautiful and colorful glory.
As you remember in the previous journal entry that I talked about this commission, it was very bland and the floral designs in the background were very bold and I had no intention of changing them really, but they also looked so stiff and not flowing in comparison to the ones the owner wanted.

And both animals looked good, but I was taking it real slow with them, because I didn't want to mess them up.
So, I layered the colors and painted them both real slow and thinking about it long and hard, as I advanced. And also, something I wanted to add was some sort of blue background. I just felt as though, it would look so much more rich and it would go very well with all the other colors that are present.
As I was finishing them and as I worked on them I see how their images and their physique also reflect their personalities and the fighting style they're meant to represent:
- The tiger has really bold colors, not that much detail and is looking straight at the spot in the dragon's body that he's going to attack. This is consonant with his instinctive and gutsy personality and how his fighting style is more about brute strength, rather than strategy and elegance.
- The dragon has many more colors and detail about him, long thin body and limbs. Easily is going around the tiger's attack. This is consonant with the delicacy that he is meant to represent, how his personality and fighting style are more about wisdom, patience and planning.
Also, the black designs I was asked to put around them, they're nature, which surrounds them as their fight goes on. A fight of extremes must take place in a neutral setting.
And the blue that I wanted to add, I wanted to make it something that was flowing in between the both of them and it ended up looking like the "S" shape that divides the Ying Yang, so it's present after all XD

Some pictures of close ups and details =D

And there you have it! The tiger and the dragon looking beautiful and amazing. Last night, the owner came to pick them up and she liked them very much, too! A successful sale and piece.
I'm SO proud of myself!

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  1. I´m a fan now... ... and i can finally post whatever i write in here!

    Great inside on how you decided to draw and paint those to titans.
    great work indeed.

  2. Holy wow Gabriela! That is so beautiful x_x

    I love the expressions on their faces. Theyre so real. I also love the swirls you put.

  3. Thanks, Lucho and Kelly!! <3

    I LOVE how their facial expressions also turned out, Kelly! I'm so glad you can appreciate it!! @_@