Tuesday, August 17, 2010


There is currently a national contest going on, the Roberto Lewis contest and I made this piece, called "Natura" to submit to it. I'm having a hard time thinking of leaving her with strangers and getting lost or something :(
I found out about this contest maybe four or five weeks ago? And Natura came to my head soon after that, did some sketches and whatevers, got the canvas and I put her down. I didn't take many pictures of the process, because I really didn't have time to dick around with this one; me working so slowly and the deadline being today.
This painting means a lot to me, I love everything about her and what she means. I'm proud of myself for the amount of color I used and that I put in realism/human figure together with abstract in a big piece (big for me, anyway, she's only 24 x 36 inches). I have a little weight on my chest thinking of letting her go if I DO win x_x
EITHER WAY. On with Natura and the pictures:
1. Only picture I took before she was finished:

2. All these I took today, after she was finished. You can't see the little bit of white paint spatter I did in the blue part, which is meant to be kind of a universe kind of thing. The very first one is all of her, the rest are details:


This piece really took my attention and put everything I have pending on hold to work on this piece, because of the deadline. The only thing that I worked on, while having this piece pending, was Arianrhod's frame, because the installation for that art exhibit is actually tomorrow and I had to turn her in last week. So, yeah, she was the only one that had permission to distract me from Natura. Moreover, with Natura, it's been one of the few times that I've thought up so much meaning for a piece. Whilst I painted it, sometimes I felt as though I would have to explain myself in front of a jury or something at some point, like one of those ridiculous reality shows; but she just legit has all these amazing vibes full of significance, a lot of things that I really liked and didn't want to forget, so I took a lot of notes and actually printed them out to turn in for the contest, besides all the other documents and information that had to be turned in. I don't know if it will mean anything, but I thought I'd throw a little extra something in there XD
Originally, it was written in Spanish and I really like how it came out; so here I'm going to post both here: In English and in Spanish. It'll be like getting Reader's Digest LOL


La naturaleza que nos rodea tiene tantas formas, el color alrededor de su cara no tiene ninguna forma específica; son manchas de color, listas para transformarse en la siguiente estructura. Natura representa toda la naturaleza de todo el planeta, el sol, los cielos, el universo y su cara es de mujer, porque la naturaleza es Madre Naturaleza. Sin mencionar, que en el idioma español la naturaleza es género femenino.

Los hilos que tiene por detrás, siento que tienen alguna clase de relación con "String Theory", de que todo el universo y todo y todas las dimensiones están unidas por hilos.
No entiendo exactamente de qué se trata el String Theory, pero me parece hermoso pensar que absolutamente TODO está conectado por hilos. Pienso en los hilos de coser, que son tan frágiles. El destino se teje con hilos, las mujeres que tejen los destinos de todos en las tragedias griegas.

También, son como un círculo que se cierra, pienso que Natura es como un nudo celta súper complicado. A la vez los nudos celtas tienen que ver con la infinidad de la vida y del universo

Tiene algo del ying yang, con los colores amarillos que le salen de los lados de la cara, brindan algo de simtetría y orden. Así como el ying yang, Natura tiene bondad y maldad sin que ni uno ni el otro sea absoluto, igual que la naturaleza; y entre bondad y maldad, tiene su propio equilibrio perfecto. Un equilibrio típico de la naturaleza, que a veces nos cuesta entender.


Surrounding nature has so many forms, the color around her face has no specific shape; they're stains of color, ready to transform into the next structure. Natura represents all nature from the whole planet, the sun, the sky, the universe and her face is female, because nature is Mother Nature. Also, in Spanish, the noun is female.

The strings behind her, I feel have some kind of relation to String Theory, that the entire universe and everything and all dimensions are joined by strings.
I don't understand exactly what is String Theory about, but I think it's beautiful to think that absolutely EVERYTHING is connected through strings. I think of the sewing threads, that are so fragile. Fate is woven with threads, the Fates that weave everyones' destinies in Greek tragedies.

Also, like a circle that closes, I think Natura is a super complicated Celtic knot. At the same time, Celtic knots have to do with the infinity of life and the universe.

It also has some ying yang, with the yellow that comes out of the sides of her face, they bring some symmetry and order. Like ying yang, Natura has good and evil, without being either or absolutely, and just like nature, between good and evil, it has it's own perfect equilibrium. A typical balance in nature, that sometimes is difficult for us to understand.

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  1. there is work that you do because it is simply there and needs to be done, and there is work that sis inside your mind, waiting to come out. and when it does, it talks to you, it burns your mind and touches your heart and it is, as some god once said, it is good.

    pity all work cannot come from there, but if it did you would soon drain your soul, so enjoy what comes from your heart, make the best of it, and hope there is more magic like this painting waiting inside.