Thursday, August 26, 2010


S/T in Spanish stands for Sin título, which means no title.

I came up with this piece, sketched it and finished it in three days, I think. Which is pretty fast for me and I'm pretty proud of myself for my speed this time around and how she came out.
Moreover, the space itself is certainly bigger than what my usual 9 x 12 inches, this one is a very oblong 12 x 18 inches. I've only two other drawings in that size.

I ROVE HER <3 Please forgive how bad the pictures are, I have no scanner and I have a shit pulse and I ain't no picture taker and I also have no patience for taking better pictures, these will have to do for now. There's a little bit of light getting in the way of the pencil, but I think she looks good enough.

I hadn't made a drawing in a while and it's always very comforting to go back to my most familiar medium.

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