Thursday, October 21, 2010

Affordable Art Fair

I'm going to go on Friday to the Affordable Art Fair, in Battersea Park. There's going to be 120 galleries, with the work of their corresponding artists there, there's going to be little cafes with foodz and there's going to be talks and workshops and whatever else.

It's something I would have really liked to participate in, but I found out about it like two days before it started XD I wrote to them anyway, 'cuz it doesn't hurt to ask, right? I've not gotten a reply as of yet, but I'm going to take some drawings anyway, in case I get lucky.

I'm pretty excited to see what's to be found and really inject myself with everything I'll find. There's going to be galleries from all of the United Kingdom, to my understanding. And there will be tents with the work of up to three artists in each, and the total under each tent, cannot exceed three thousand pounds.

I feel like London is pretty soaked up in art and culture, what with it's great architecture and sculptures and galleries and museums at everyone's disposition; but you can never get art to enough people, the more people you get it to, the better. You can never make it accessible enough.
Artists supposedly kind of reflect their own times and have some sort of duty with the society they live in, we're supposed to see it with our own eyes and reflect that out into our pieces. But I think of art in general, as something that is supposed to make one's soul feel good, no analysis, no horizontal lines are peaceful, red is for passion or violence, no questions, no why this or why that, "Oh, he must have meant this". I think when one buys a piece or likes a piece, it should be because when you looked at it, it fascinated you and you couldn't stop looking at it and were enthralled by the piece. It made you either feel very good inside or it just made you feel something and the piece caught you.

Nothing against analysing pieces and the old masters or contemporary artists, I just feel that sometimes, just *liking* the piece is overshadowed by wondering too much about what the artist could have meant.

And fairs like this, I think, have the capability of bringing back that simplicity to art. More approachable and not so much something reserved for collectors or something: Anyone can like art, anyone should be able to purchase art!

I'm going to have a pretty good time.

And I really like this picture from the London AAF page:

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