Saturday, December 4, 2010!

Hello, everyone!

This is a very quick and short blog entry, because I'd like for you to support me in a contest I'm participating in =D

Here is the link to the piece I entered: Fade

It's a contest in Facebook, organized by a new artist social website: It's very much like Facebook, except it's specialized for us artists, wether music, dance, visual arts, anything! So, by all means, register to the website and even participate in the contest they have up right now and if not, support ME! XD

In the meantime, I really haven't made a proper entry in a while. I will, I promise, I've just been involved in stuff and working a lot and I'll show you all the shit I've been doing! You guys are great, as always, and remember about MY Facebook page; it's always aching for more people. So go ahead and like it and suggest it to everybody and they mama, with the "suggest to friends" link that is right under the profile picture: Gabriela Handal Arte.

Thank you so much for everything <3

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