Monday, December 13, 2010

Half Skull

1. artrise contest

I'm participating in an art contest that is taking place in artrise's Facebook page. This is a link to the website: artrise and this is a link to their Facebook page: artrise's Facebook page.
If you wish to participate, by all means, get yourself in there! The contest is going on until December 28 and it consists of making a profile in artrise's website, and publishing that on their Facebook page, along with your contest entry and then getting as many likes as you can in your uploaded piece.
You can upload as many pieces as you like, but you win only with one of them, whichever one got the most likes.
If you would like to support me and my entry, first like artrise's Facebook page and then like my drawing. I entered "Fade", by the way. Here's a link to the drawing and through this same page, you'll be able to like their page and then my drawing:

2. Half skull

This is my most recently finished piece and I'm REALLY proud of her!
I was thinking of the possible interpretations of a half skull piece, but it always comes down to what each person might see and I really prefer not to dissect my reasons for making a piece. Originally I started the piece, because I read a little bit about
transhumanism and I wanted to actually make a half human and the exposed part to be full on machine; but then I remembered a piece I'd started a long time ago that was half skull and half face, I wrote a little bit about that one in the previous entry.
BUT YEAH. While I drew her, I saw that my reference, which are these super awesome anatomical charts for artists, had little cracks in it; then I wondered if that was possible while we are alive, but it really doesn't make sense that we'd have little fractures, 'cuz the skeleton would most definitely heal. So, the artist that drew the charts musta been copying a dead body and so maybe the skull side is some kind of look into the future, minus the eyeball.
Otherwise, I just really like the human body and all the body parts inside, so the half face half skull is kind of a way of seeing two things at the same time.
Or something.
So this piece is not for sale, at least not for now, but she is most definitely available in print form, in 8.5 x 11 inch paper (VERY nice paper, mind you) and each print is USD50.00
This original is 9 x 12 inches, I used pencil, colored pencil watercolor and acrylic on paper and it's without title.

3. Share buttons and artist profiles:
I've added the share buttons at the bottom of the entry, so feel free to tweet any entry new or old that you like from this blog or to share it in Facebook or anything you want <3 Also, I've made myself artist profiles in: artelista, blue canvas and artrise, so feel free to check those out or make your own artist's profile on there =D
AND a twitter, so DO follow me there @gabrielahandal

4. Suggest page
Remember that I have a pretty nifty Facebook page and I'd love to see you there, too! Also, DO suggest the page to everyone and they mama with the "suggest to friends" link that is right under the profile picture. Here is the link to the page: Gabriela Handal Arte
Also, remember that for these holidays, there is no gift like a work of art, because it's completely unique! So, if you want to buy any of my pieces, let me know! You can e-mail me:

And, finally, thank you so much for reading <3

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