Tuesday, December 7, 2010

New entry lol

It sure has been a while since I wrote a proper blog entry, I've been doing tons of things. Or at least trying to do proper work, like I'm supposed to.
A bunch of things have happened, although I HAVE written, just not as often. I was in London and had a seriously amazing time, everything about that city is full of art: the people, nature, the streets, architecture. And, well, regular art things like galleries and art stores with all kinds of AMAZING things! I was so impressed and envious of how much more rich they are culturally, there's different kinds of art events constantly and people are so willing to go and look and spend money on something that they love.

When I came back I participated in a one night art and fashion exhibit at a cafè called St. Phillippe, and was helped with the mounting of the pieces and putting up the dresses on their mannequins. I put my little abstract canvases and there were a couple of coverages of the event.
I always want to participate in the putting up of the art exhibit, my work and help other people putting up their work, just because it's such an enriching experience and I learn SO MUCH! I consider myself relatively ignorant of my field, so I'll do as much as I can to learn a bit more XD!!

Then I submitted two paintings in a two week art exhibit at La Musa de Chai. I submitted "Nyx" and this other piece with no title. These two pieces hadn't seen the light since 2008, for my first individual art exhibit XD

Right now I'm participating in an art contest in Facebook and a website called artrise.com, which is like Facebook int he sense that's for networking and socializing, but exclusively for any kind of artist. I'm participating with "Fade", which is a drawing that I LOVE.
If you want to support me, by the way, like their page in Facebook and then like the drawing I submitted. Here's the link to the drawing in their page, the like button in the drawing will be enabled, once you've liked their page =D "Fade"

This piece, I started sometime last week. A long time ago, I was doing this exact same thing, like half the face and half the skull; except the skull had all messed up teeth, 'cuz she was supposed to be some kind of alien type of thing, but you couldn't tell unless you saw her teeth. She was called (or is, I guess, if I ever take her up again) "Woman outside, alien inside".
THIS ONE is just a regular human, I guess it's some kind of anatomical thing, a study of human figure, which I love so much. I really like how she's turning out, I'm seriously proud of myself.

I also took proper pictures of this painting I did sometime this year or the end of last year, which was painted live. It was actually my first live painting event! It's definitely for sale at USD300.00, 15 x 18 inches and oil over canvas =D

I recuperated "Natura", like two days after I got back and I was SO relieved! I was afraid I wouldn't be able to, because the artists are supposed to retrieve their pieces thirty days after the art exhibit and it was like thirty two days when I went. BUT that event was so poorly organized, it was sickeningly embarrassing. That was a national art contest and the first prize was like seven grand.
I don't know who won. Here's the blog entry I wrote about her, if you want to read more =D

I've made profiles for myself in bluecanvas, artrise and artelista XD
They're all linked there if you feel like having a looksy or if you want to sign up yourself! =D

This is it for now! Remember that I have a pretty great page in Facebook, where I'm updating all the time with pictures or status messages, so like it yourself and suggest it to everybody in your friends list! =D Here's the link: Gabriela Handal Arte See you there!

And wouldn't you know it? I've made a Twitter account lol Follow me there, too! Here's the link: @gabrielahandal

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