Monday, June 8, 2009

The paintings (and one sculpture) that were part of my first art exhibit. Part One.

I'm going to talk in this entry and several entries to come, about the paintings I made for the art exhibit, except "Incubus", 'cuz I already talked about him.
There's nineteen pieces to talk about, so maybe I'll do five paintings per entry.

1. "The Devil in a Fucking Suit": I know it's a stupid name, leave me alone XD
The concept for "Devil in a Fucking Suit" comes from the devil in the movie Constantine. At least my impression of it. In the movie, Lucifer appears as this really well dressed man, but he has a disgusting substance that comes off his feet and has tattoos peeking out of his neck and wrists. As in, the suit just hardly covers what he inevitably is.
So the representation of my devil, is a beautiful woman with a spiffy outfit and a hopeless look in her eyes, with adornments around her; but her hair is disheveled and the adornments are dirty and smeared.
And just to make sure the viewer knows he/she's looking at the devil, I carved a pentagram onto the canvas, because the inverted pentagram is so regularly related to him.
The devil, in this case, came to be after I'd been working on it for a while, as it happens with a lot of the pieces. I didn't *know* I was going to decide it would be the devil from the beginning. And, I don't know why, but the title just seems fitting and it amuses me, so it stays XD
This painting is 24 x 36 inches, it's oil on canvas and it's USD 1000.00

2. "Male": This character is just a creature that lives off of blood and he just finished his most recent meal and so is cleaning the remains off of his mouth with his hand and right at this time, the viewer catches his attention and looks with more indifference than curiosity. I refuse to say he's a vampire, 'cuz that's some old boring shit, man. Surely vampires are not the only ones who need blood to survive.
This painting is 18 x 24 inches, it's oil on canvas and it's USD 500.00

3. "Energía": There's not much to this painting, but only because I don't remember what I meant to do with her. She's definitely a meditating creature that's emitting energy from herself and has natural and artificial body modifications. The energy coming out of her is not meat to be harsh like thunder, but more kind of like the purple colored electricity of a plasma lamp.
"Energía" is 24 x 36 inches, it's oil on canvas and it's USD 1000.00

4. "Banshee": I drew her, because I meant to copy this AMAZING picture of Christina Aguilera I'd found. I don't remember if I wanted to exactly copy the picture or I was only using the awesome lighting as reference and I also don't remember if I meant for her to be a banshee from the beginning. Banshees are announcers of death and my banshee has dark circles around her eyes from crying for the upcoming death of whoever and has an empathic smile and stare, because she understands the pain that comes with death.
"Banshee" is 24 x 24 inches, it's ink and pencil on paper with a cardboard support and it's USD 700.00

5. "Feathers": "Feathers" is inspired by Dorian Cleavenger's painting Obsession, except in a much less elegant setting. This character is in a dark and disorderly room and she's using candles, because she's probably not paid her electricity bill in a long time and has a bunch of bed sheets on the floor because that's where she sleeps. We catch her in the moment when she decides to begin her transformation into a bird and she's already sown several feathers onto the skin of her arm, we happened to walk into her room at this very second and she looks up at us with a mixture of feelings: She looks really tired, but determined and she's annoyed at us for interrupting her. Her expression is a little bit threatening and we better not try to stop her.
Her room has become a heavy and oppressive place, filled with her despair of becoming a bird. Everything is dark and only illuminated with candles and everywhere there are images that relate to birds, flight and changing the human form into something that can fly.
"Feathers" is 24 x 36 inches, it's oil, feathers, fabric and paper on canvas and it's USD 1000.00

Please remember that I've made a group in facebook, so that you can see a much bigger selection of my work. If you have facebook, go ahead and join my group and if you want add me to your friends list and let me know that you found me through my blog, 'cuz that would be seriously cool!
Gabriela Handal Arte

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