Monday, June 15, 2009

The paintings (and one sculpture) that were part of my first art exhibit. Part Two.

This is the second installment of paintings from my first individual art exhibit.

1. Hadamila: There's not really that much to this painting. Milla was my model, it's this super cool black and white picture. She's just a fairy type in this case and she's materialized from the colors that are around her.
I was actually trying to do some of those abstract things, but with colors, to make the background a bit richer. Originally, I didn't set out to copy Milla, but more the pose, but the sketch came out so awesome and it resembled her a little bit anyway, so that's just how it stayed. That's why the painting kind of looks and kind of doesn't look like her.
"Hadamila" is USD 900.00, 22 x 28 inches and it' oil on canvas. And the name "Hadamila" is the composition of the word "hada", which is fairy in Spanish, and Milla's name.

2. "Wounds of War": I did a very limited amount of sculpture in university and "Wounds of War" started out as a clay sculpture, with a wood, wire and news paper skeleton; then it was covered with plaster until it dried and then the plaster mold was filled with white cement and another material that I don't know what it's called. "Wounds of war" is meant to be a veteran elf warrior; she was an archer, but did her share of close range fighting, hence the bags under her eyes, her tired eyelids and a variety of scars left from her battles.
She's 14 x 15 x 12 inches, USD 850.00.

3. "BROOHA": The title of this one is just how you'd pronounce "bruja" in Spanish, it means "witch" and it's called "witch", because I usually imagine witches with windblown hair and all mysterious and shit. And what's more mysterious that a woman looking out from a mirror?
Originally, I wanted the mirror's frame to be really baroque and complicated, but in the end I went for the more simple approach and made some pretty awesome triskeles.
My grandmother bought this one from me.

4. "Disdain": A picture of Keira Knightley was my model for this painting, she has this super awesome arrogant expression and her neck looks nice and long. "Disdain" is meant to be some sort of petty demon that's looking at the viewer in a disdainful manner, because he's turned himself into a gorgeous woman and the demon doesn't care that it's only a mirage and that he'll go back to being ugly eventually; even in this temporary form, he STILL looks down on others around him.
"Disdain" is 20 x 24 inches, it's oil on canvas and its' USD 700.00

5. "Insolent and Lewd": This one's also a type of demon and she's just sticking her tongue out in a lewd way to the viewer, pretty much just to be an asshole. Anything that's to do with the tongue that's not food or talking is considered taboo in society, it seems, so this demon is just out to see what the viewer will do. That's why she has that indifferent and challenging look in her eye.
She's 18 x 24 inches, oil on canvas and is USD 650.00

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