Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The paintings (and one sculpture) that were part of my first art exhibit. Part Three.

This is the third installment of the pieces from my first individual art exhibit.

1. "Wolfshook": First of all, the wolfshook, according to wikipedia.
For this piece, a model from the Suicide Girls was my reference, I don't remember her name and I don't remember at what point during making her, I decided she would be a werewolf. Or maybe I had decided it from the beginning? I don't remember, who knows. The thing is that, at some point, I knew I wanted her to have some sort of mark that was shaped like whichever symbol that represented werewolves and that's when I found the wolfshook and I added those two bits under it, because on it's own it would have looked stupid. Her kind of werewolf, is born with the mark and have dark grey skin, no whites, purple eyes and jet black hair, like the Incubus, I guess those colors come up so often, because they just look so good together. In the painting, she's in her human form.
As I worked on her, I loved everything about her and how it was coming out and to this day I love looking at her and her peaceful and beautiful face. I love her so much, that I wanted to somehow be the same as her so I got the wolfshook tattooed on my left shoulder, because if I was a werewolf like her, that's where I would have gotten the mark. And I also wanted to have something of her left in me, if I sell her.

I actually don't know if she really IS for sale, but she's priced at USD 1500.00, oil on canvas and the dimensions are 24 x 36 inches.

2. This one doesn't have a title, but the background resembles "EnergĂ­a"'s, because it's kind of the same vibe, that she's emitting some sort of energy as she's moving. When I made this piece, I was seriously into Luis Royo and Dorian Cleavenger's trips of piercings. The piercings all over the body are more present in Luis Royo's work, but Dorian Cleavenger's piece "The Gift" has a good amount of piercings that always hypnotize me, so it's kind of a combination of those two things. Long time after I finished her I noticed that all the piercings call attention to the body parts most related to women and femininity: Breasts and hips or just along that section of the body. And the corset, also as a way to accentuate the female figure.
This broad is just kind of walking, moving or dancing, I'm not sure, but there's some sort of movement there.
This one is USD 500.00, 18 x 24 inches and oil on canvas.

3. "Elf": This painting has awesome vibes and I love looking at her, too. It has awesome vibes, because when I painted her face, I did it super quick and it was kind of instinctive, because I told to myself "just paint the colors you see on the reference" and I did and I was so proud of myself how good it came out. For me, this painting is also a rarity, because I have hardly any work done in acrylics, because those fuckers dry so fast, I can't do anything fast enough, so all the more reason for which I feel proud of it.
And other than that, she just looks so chilled out and refreshing, with a breeze that blows her hair back a little bit and everything and when I look at it, I feel kind of refreshed, too.
I have NO. IDEA. Why I made the frame that way. It's just wire that I sowed around the edge and I remember it being a pain in the ass to do. I used this small drill to make the holes, but the drill was all shitty and I could only make a few so I made the rest with a nail? I'd just hammer a nail into the canvas until it came out the other side and then moved on to making the next hole. FUCK, it was annoying as shit. But at least it came out looking awesome and very in tune with the kind of primal jungle vibe she also has.
This painting is USD 800.00, it's acrylic on canvas and it's 24 x 36 inches.

4. "Male": Nothing much to this painting, except that I found a picture of a guy that I really liked, 'cuz I thought he looked all melancholic and shit, with his hair all over his fayss and I wanted to use him as a reference for this werewolf painting. That's what the painting is, it's a werewolf in human form, that's going on a really bad trip, because (as I found during my research) werewolves, whilst in human form, are painfully aware of the damage they've done as werewolves. Which is beautiful and interesting.
This painting is USD 500.00, oil on canvas and 22 x 28 inches.

5. "Subject for Testing": I think this is the only other acrylic painting, except this one is on recycled pieces of paper. This character is meant to be a person that was caught by an unknown entity and said entity is somehow experimenting on her. She has her outfit that's kind of like a prison outfit thing, she was tattooed some number for filing and had all her body hair shaven off. There's not much sign of damage, except for her pale mouth and her head is being held in place by the silver ring that's coming out of the sides.

Please remember that I've made a group in facebook, in which I upload pictures of my work (old or new) pretty often. The vast majority of things are for sale and, if they're not, it will say so in the legend of the image. Please feel free to join my facebook group and maybe even add me to your friends list and remember to tell me that you got there from here, 'cuz that would be awesome.

Feel also free to invite whoever you'd think would be interested in my work and leave any kind of comment on the wall or any of the images and any thought, comment, feedback or ideas on the group's wall.
Gabriela Handal Arte


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