Sunday, June 28, 2009

The paintings (and one sculpture) that were part of my first art exhibit. Part Four.

This is the fourth entry on the paintings that I put up for my first individual art exhibit. I think it will be the last one.

1. "Transformación": I LOVE this painting. LOVE. I love how her body looks, her back, the dimples on the small of her back, her arm, her dripping blood, her fist, her butt, the horns tearing through her skin, the ochre, the crimson. She's SO beautiful.
This character is transforming, as said by the title of the painting. The three horns coming out of her forearms are the first change her body is making and she's closing her fist, because it hurts and because she won't be human anymore. So there's mental and physical pain in there.
There's not much more to her than that.
This painting's 24 x 36 inches, oil on canvas and USD 1000.00.


2. "Hunter": I made this piece back in school, that I was much more into fantasy art, so this came to me relatively easy. With all the piercings and shit, like in the Luis Royo and Dorian Cleavenger work.
It's a creature, that's having kind of a bad time hunting, because she didn't find much except a mouse and is just looking at the viewer with a bad trip on her face.
This one's 24 x 24 inches, carbon on.. I don't know what it's called, but it's the same paper as the brown paper bags; and it's USD 350.00.

3. "Nyx": A picture in ZINK! magazine was my reference for this painting, because she was just standing there, looking at the camera and I don't know what they did, but some of her hair was floating. Like a little bit of breeze blew, really cute and mysterious looking.
SO YEAH, this is Nyx, Nyx is the female personification of the night, according to the Greeks. And, because she IS night, she's awesome and I like how she turned out. She has a nice fixed, confident and curious stare and she's just materialized herself from the colors of the night.
I made her eyes orange, because blue eyes are boring and too much of the realm of my walking life, so the background is blue and I chose orange, because they're the complementary color of blue. They actually remind me of a tiger or something, I guess it's the tone.
"Nyx" is 18 x 24 inches, oil on canvas and USD 600.00

4. "Autocreatura">: This is a self portrait and I know it's a weird painting, leave me alone XD
Her skin from the chest down is meant to be like red salamander skin and she's also meant to have the horns.
Her trip is that she's an envious demon and I realized this after having worked on her for a while and looking at her. The smile on her face and her eyes, tell me that she's looking at me because she's enjoying the thought of little bad things happening to me. Like, she'd pull stupid pranks at me, like tripping me as I walk by or me dropping my shit or whatever and she's get a kick out of it. Or you, if she was looking at you.
Anyway, her face and stare are enough for me to overcome her strange background, which I guess is consonant with her envious thoughts and wishes.
This painting is oil on canvas and it's USD 700.00

The paintings that were self portraits, weren't/aren't about me wanting to present myself in a certain way or showing a hidden thing about me. I don't really *see* myself in the self portraits that I've made, I just happened to be an appropriate model for the image I had in mind.

I want to post again that website, that you can go to to see a bunch of other blogs and if you link to it, your blog will appear in that kind of blog slide they have going on. Which is super cool.

Also, and finally for this entry, please remember that I've made a group in facebook. And in said group you can see SO MUCH MORE of my work, that is if you don't give a shit about words and want to see more images XD
Seriously, though, there's like five pages with twenty images each in the group, right now. I'd seriously love it if you joined the group and left any kind of feedback, thoughts, ideas, comments, opinions, whatever on the wall or any of the pictures. And it would also be nice if you decided to add me to your friends list, but REMEMBER to tell me you found me through here, because that would totally make my day!
Gabriela Handal Arte


  1. Many of your pieces remind me of you. :hmm

  2. Well, I WAS the reference for four of them. For "Insolent and Lewd", "Feathers", "BROOHA" and "Autocreatura" :hmm

    You mean physically, yeah? :hmm

  3. why thank you. the horse reminds me of dali's elephants. i have just been on my high horse lately and neglecting everyone and what they think so I thought it would be a fun way to reflect on this by drawing it :D

  4. well I use a combo of ball point pens and some micron pens and I usually just use marker to color these guys. Easy peacy eh :P

  5. Gabriela, you have employed a magnificent soft, sensual light in your 'transformation' painting that impresses me greatly, well done! At first glance, this is a 'tender' painting, but on closer inspection there is pain and anguish.
    Your technique is admirable.

  6. Thanks SO much for your kind words, Richard. More so, because of the respect I have for you and your work and because you're a fellow artist with MUCH more experience than me. Thank you.

    I'd like it if you went into more detail about how, for you, the painting goes from being tender to painful and full of anguish. I think it would be very interesting!

  7. This is a very clever painting Gabriela. It gives you a false sense of security because of the wonderful way you have applied the paint. All looks good, soft and tender until you see the horns and then ...... it all changes, it seems wrong. Now the pain, the suffering takes over and engulfs the viewer in fear and distress. For me, the blood is secondary to the horns....great symbolism!
    A brilliant painting Gabriela that you have every right to be proud of!