Monday, July 6, 2009


Religion according to Wikipedia.
Catholic according to Wikipedia.

I was raised catholic and consider myself catholic and pray and whatever, but I don't like talking about it much more than that, because it makes me feel preachy and pretentious and because discussions about religion annoy the shit out of me. Religion and politics are just things that shouldn't be discussed about with friends, because they just seem to be such incredibly TOUCHY subjects, it's ridiculous.
I KNOW it's ridiculous, because of how much it pisses me off to hear people's opinions that don't coincide with mine, so I just steer away from that shit and keep my mouth shut and never participate if it happens to come up.

BUT ANYWAY, today's entry is titled "Religion", because I've actually found myself a couple of times making drawings and paintings with some religious connotation. Wether they're my own creation or I was recreating the work of a master back at university.

1. "Fervent": I made this little drawing, because I want a tattoo of a cross on my right shoulder, so I made this as an idea I had. I'm not going to get this, because it's not the look I want, I DO like how it turned out, though, and I think it would certainly serve somebody else as a very nice tattoo or just in a really nice frame, hanging up in somebody's wall. It's called "Fervent", because of the vibe it has: All the floaty things around the cross strike me as spiritual vibes.
"Fervent" is 6 x 8 inches, pencil on paper and it's USD 60.00

2. "Take the blame for the downfall of humanity? Certainly! - Eve": I. AM. VERY. Proud of this! My reference/model was a girl from Vampirefreaks, but I can't remember her username and I don't have the picture anymore D:
The theme of Eve having bitten the apple intentionally and well knowing what she was doing, has come up each time that I've drawn her, but that hasn't been very often. There's only one other time that I can remember that I drew her and she was pulling the apple from the tree with a daring and evil look in her eye and the other hand on her hip. I don't know *WHY* and haven't cared to delve more into that to see where the shit I got that from. I don't think it really matters.
So that's the same trip in this one. Eve's lips are barely touching that apple and she's pulling it towards her with her own hands and has an entranced and lustful look in her face. The dark swirly stuff in the background is meant to be like the bad vibes of what's happening.
This itty bitty awesome thing is 9 x 6 inches, it's pencil on paper and it's USD 90.00.

Please remember that I've made a group in facebook, All the stuff you see here is on there with it's respective prices, dimensions and mediums; except that there are a kagillionz more pieces for you to look at. It would be seriously awesome if you joined the group and, if you want, added me to your friends list and told me that you found me on facebook through my blog! <3
Feel free to join the group and leave any kind of comment, feedback, thoughts, opinions, ideas or ANYTHING on the wall of the group or the images themselves: Gabriela Handal Arte

Also, I'm working on a MySpace page and an Ebay and PayPal accounts, so all the foreign people that want to buy things from me, will be able to do so! Once that happens, I'd send things through courier service and I'll charge the piece's price plus whatever it costs me to ship the piece to you. I look forward to all of this VERY much! I'll let everyone know when this is ready to go ^______^


  1. Somehow I never pictured you as a religious person. :hmm
    I really like the way the second one came out.
    The eyes came out really well.

  2. I hardly consider myself religious, I don't go to church and stuff! XD/D:

    I'm glad you like the second one, I'm incredibly proud of it and I love looking at it. And YEAH her eyes are awesome!
    Thanks, man! ^____^ *____*

  3. Hi Gabriela, I am interested to know the role of religion in your art. My religious work is a reaction to the secular world I live in. I was baptised a Catholic but I'm a practising member of the Uniting Church in Australia. Examples of my work can be seen at
    Religion is a fascinating topic and raises heaps of issues, reactions and interpretations.

  4. Thanks for your comment, Richard! ^_^

    Well, I don't think I'd say it actually has a role, because it comes up so seldom. I probably don't need more than ten fingers to count all the religious pieces I've made in my whole life D:
    You seem much more involved with your religion than me, I only try and not always succeed to go to church three days a year D:
    I agree about the possible reactions and interpretations a religious piece can bring, it is VERY interesting.

  5. You know, Richard, I thought more about "the role of religion" in my art. And religious things are certainly not present often, but things like mythology, legends, witchcraft and folklore type of things certainly are and aren't those kind of what religion comes from?

  6. Religion is a faith, a belief in something, and therefore 'belief' can cover a broader framework than religion. I love using symbolism in my religious work which is also closely linked to my understanding of the Tasmanian landscape which is under threat from development.
    I have started a new drawing which is related to Stonehenge in England.
    So I'm mixing Pagan and Christian elements in my work!
    I shall post about my latest work soon.
    Regards, Richard

  7. I love the "Eve" drawing. The attention to detail is amazing and very eye-catching. The cross image is also very good. Aha I sound primitive using words like "good" to describe how amazing your work is, but oh well. I'm no wordsmith! Anyway I have seen a lot of cross drawings and after a while they all start to blend into each other because they're all so mediocre and plain. But your's isn't. You should definitely be proud of how it turned out.

  8. You're perfectly correct about 'belief' covering a wider spectrum than religion, Richard, and I seriously look forward to your posts about religion and your religious work!

    I'm *honored* that you're following my blog, you don't even know XD
    I'm glad you like both of them and I feel specially proud that you said the cross stands out from all the others you've seen.
    Thank you for your kind words <3

  9. Gabby, I love the picture of Eve, I'd definitely consider buying it. The title is just perfect!!

  10. Aw, I'm SO glad you like it, Kelly! <3

    The title is really something, isn't it? I LOVE IT! :lol!

  11. ah yes it does seem like the novel in the sense of a surveilance aspect. Interesting that you bring that up :)

  12. Most of the art displayed hear i never got a chance to see because i was never present i gest to see the making of such wonderful and expresive art.....i have love every single one of them and i loved the artis whom wish has inspired me for more than 6 years..... this is make everything beautiful for others to see.....