Monday, July 13, 2009

Discipline, Education and Differentiation

Today's entry is going to revolve more around musing, rather than my most recent work, because I've actually been working on two tattoo designs I found, that a guy asked me for when I was still at the call center. Meaning SOME OLD SHIT.
BUT I'm still going to post several pictures of something that I made back in university and that's where the musing and the title come in.

I've talked to a couple of people and read opinions of a couple of people that I know about receiving an artistic education and it made me feel incredibly disappointed, frustrated and angry that they were completely close off to the benefits of it. According to them (and surely according to A LOT of people) receiving an education in any art or craft is hindering, detrimental and nothing good can come from it. If anything, their schools, universities and teachers, never let you do what you want, they will just order you around, not let you create your own shit, teach the exact same shit to every student of every class they ever get, they only care about creating robots that think in the same path and that's it. Artistic education completely discarded and discredited, simply because there are some rules and direction.
Yeah, a teacher is showing the same thing to a group of people and putting certain limitations and you're not allowed to create your own shit WITHIN THE CLASS. WHO ever said these things are bad?

First of all, a group of people being shown the same thing, doesn't mean they're going to ALL interpret it the same and that what comes out through the filter of their mind is going to be the same thing. The foundation may be the same, but that construction site and building will be WORLDS APART from one person to the other. And this happens, because everybody interprets things differently, that's pretty much the reason for which there are fights about religion and politics and everything else, because although the source was the same, everybody thinks differently and everybody concludes whatever makes sense to them. That's just the way it is, because we're human, and OH MAN it's amazing and beautiful how many DIFFERENT things we can produce from the same thing.

Second, what's wrong with limitations? They're only for a short amount of time. It's like an incredibly stimulating game, it's like different sports and martial arts: You need to get this ball into the goal, but you can only use your feet, or only your hands, or all of your body. Or all you have to do is push the guy out of the circle, but you can't fall yourself, or you can hurt the guy, but only with your feet and hands and not your elbows and knees. All these rules do, is stimulate you into THINKING, and thinking is NEVER a bad thing.

Third, ok, you can't make whatever the shit you want in this particular class. This is only, because you're still in the learning stage and you're still learning the basic rules, so that in the future you can break them. But the right to break the rules has to be earned, just like when you wait until you're a certain age to do certain things.
Moreover, just because you can't do something within class, doesn't mean that your ideas have to be completely forgotten about and thrown into the trash: that's the kind of shit that you do on your own time to develop and improve yourself even further.

It saddens me so much, that there may be SO many people out there that seriously believe their creativity is stifled so easily D:

SO all of this shit ties in with the images I'm going to post today. When I was still in university, the teacher had us cut compressed carton into geometric shapes with specific measures and the only requirement was that we used texture and the shapes he told us. I don't remember anymore what my classmates did, but it must have been cool to see what each one's final result was and just put them all beside each other to compare and look at. These were mine:

1. In this one I used some waterproofing stuff, those plastic things that come with canvases that you put in the inner corners, behind the fabric to secure the wood and was painted with.... I *think* oil paints D:

2. In this second one, I think it was also oil paints and I used popsicle sticks.

3. This one I think was also oil paints and I used a spatula to make those marks. It reminds me of maybe somebody putting their hands in plaster to get a hand print, but it reminds me more of maybe like a bird walked on it ^_^

4. This one's probably my favorite one, except that I don't know why >=/

All of them are for sale at USD 10.00 each and I'd like to remind you that I'm working on an eBay shop thing, so that all the non Panamanian people can buy a piece if they so wanted to. I'd charge whatever the shipping may be plus the price of the piece itself.
I'm SERIOUSLY looking forward to this, I'm just reading up on the terms and conditions of eBay and PayPal ^_^
Also, remember that I've made a facebook group so that I can upload as many pieces as I can. Feel free to join the group; leave comments, feedback, thoughts, opinions, ideas on the wall of the group or any of the images; invite any of your friends that you'd think would be interested in my work and, also if you want, add me to your friends, but remember to tell me that you found me through this blog, because that would totally make my day <3: Gabriela Handal Arte
Each of the images has all their information in the description, their dimensions, medium and prices and sometimes comments regarding the piece or a link to here, depending XD


  1. Excellent post Gabriela!
    You are at school or university to LEARN, so true! You can't run until you have been taught how to walk. I felt that my Art School education wasn't w waste of time. It gave me the grounding I needed, especially in the skills department, something that I think is lacking in today's education.
    When teaching at secondary college (years 11& 12) I ran individual programs for my students. This was a lot of work but it did address the individual needs of everyone.
    We NEVER stop learning and never know it all!
    Once you are confident and competent skill-wise, then it's time to act like an artist. Know what you want to do and go for it!

  2. It's AWESOME that you liked the post, Richard! Specially because I know you also teach.

    I also in my university education what I learned that means the most to me, was the IMPORTANCE of practice!

    Learning really is such a great thing <3

  3. Without sound art education Gabriela, we have nothing to build our own art expression on. Every artist should seek to be different, be themselves, tell the world who they really are. Imitation is an important part of training, but not in self-expression. Interpretation is far more important than copying!
    Understand the principles of art and then you can begin to grow as an artist.
    I'm looking forward to your next post!

  4. They all look beautiful as usual, Gabriela.

  5. very unique Gabby....! beauty is everywhere!