Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Abstract with human figure

After a while that I'd discovered the ability to make abstracts and actually *like* them, it occurred to me that I could maybe mix them somehow with the human figure, since they look to me like vibes, fire, incense smoke and those mysterious things.
And drawings that involve both human figure along with an abstract have actually occurred to me with more ease these days that I've gotten much more practice with the human figure and loosened my hand with the abstracts.

Here are some examples of the abstracts I've made and the entry in this blog that's only about the abstracts, if you want to see: Abstracts

1. "Birth": This is probably the first human figure that I mixed in with some abstract, at least that I can remember. And I was also much more into fantasy art, as you can see by her many fairy wings; but this creature along with the abstract beneath her, made me think of her being born of a cocoon, that's what the abstract reminds me of. And I love the vibes of this drawing and the drawing itself, it brings me a lot of comfort to look at it. And also, back then I had much more imagination for writing little things and little mental blurbz came while I was drawing, so that's the stuff that's written there on the side. It's barely intelligible, I wrote it like that on purpose, because I didn't want anybody else to be able to read it XD!

2. "Burning": The abstract around this floating human figure are meant to represent something like passion or fire and it's that passion that lifts and lights her up and will eventually consume her.
This one's 9 x 12 inches, just pencil on paper and it's USD 90.00.

3. "Passion": This is a very small little drawing, it's 4 x 6 inches and it's USD 40.00, pencil on paper. This one, also as "Burning", has passion burning all around her and she has her eyes closed, because passion is meant to be felt. I like a lot her relaxed facial expression.

4. "Dreaming": This is one of my favorites in the combination of human body and abstract. As the title suggests, this character is sleeping and she's in the moment when you begin to dream and so out of her comes what could be herself, going off to have adventures, or just her own vibes reaching out into the world, while her body rests.
I feel this one very close to me and I'm thinking wether I put it up for sale or not, but I've priced it for now at USD 90.00 and it's 9 x 12 inches, pencil on paper. I seriously love this one.

5. "Disintegrate": This one has more to do with what I'd written in the entry about abstracts, that sometimes they remind me of something that's disintegrating into the air. Her own smoke is going up into the atmosphere, but she's perfectly at peace with existing in another form that's not human.
She's also USD 90.00, pencil on paper, 9 x 12 inches.

These are some others of the combinations of human body and abstracts that I've drawn. Respectively: "Fuego Visual", 4 x 6 inches, USD 40.00, first; "Eyelashes" (and this one, although not meant to from the beginning, reminds me of that girl thing that we have to kind of put on make up and stuff, so in the drawing, it's eye makeup that's kind of like a little monster XD), 4 x 6 inches, USD 40.00, second; "A whole world", USD 40.00, 8 x 10 inches, third; "Eye Smoke", 9 x 12 inches, USD 50.00, fourth.

And I think the most recent abstract, with an incredibly mushy title and just because I can: "Eternal Flame", 8 x 10 inches, USD 50.00.

Please remember about the group I've made in facebook. Feel free to go on in there and join, invite whoever you may think is interested in my work, leave any kind of comment, feedback, thoughts, ideas on the wall or any of the images and, if you want, also add me to your friends; but tell me that you found me through my blog, because that would be seriously cool: Gabriela Handal Arte.

Also, I'm still working on an eBay and PayPal accounts, so I can begin selling my things to whoever wants to, that's not in Panama. Yesterday I came across the information to send things through courier, because that way it's better than through regular mail, as I've been told by the people that I've sent drawings to through regular mail that they arrived all folded and wrinkled D:
So, if you bought something from me, I'd just add whatever the shipping and packaging is over the price of the piece.

I thought I'd link too, to this really cool website that's like a slide of all kinds of blogs and if you link to them, your blog may appear in their slide and you can increase the amount of views to your blog <3 condron.us


  1. Gabriela, i really loved the ideas that lie behind the drawings ^^ those are really creative actually. i loved the "dreaming" most. but i can assure you that the other ones are awesome as well.

    if i can find a job one day i'd like to get one of yr paintings. that would be great i think... :)

  2. I'm so glad you like them, Seyma. "Dreaming" is also one of my favorites, I love it so much <3

    It would be so great if you did buy me something one day! Maybe once I've set up my eBay and PayPal accounts and once you have money, you'll be able to!
    Surely you'll find a job soon <3

  3. Interesting work Gabriela and I can see you developing this further. Why not try this approach on black or grey paper?
    I shall put your link on my blog shortly and thankyou for publicizing mine on your site, I appreciate it!

  4. Actually, Richard, I've tried some really basic things on black paper and I like how it looks! But I take really small baby steps when I try new things, so I'm sure to try more, but it will be really slow and it will probably take a while for me to make something like these abstracts or human figure that I really like on black paper. But surely it will happen eventually! <3

    You're so welcome! ^___^

  5. I've been thinking about getting a twitter account, but I'm not quite sure yet.

    If I DO get one, I'll definitely let you know ^___^