Friday, July 17, 2009

The process

For today's entry, I took pictures whilst I was working on a drawing, so the process of the drawing from beginning to end would be recorded. It's an interesting thing to look at.
Originally, I'd only set out to do some sketching, but these eyes are so pretty that I decided I'd finish them and move on to another sketch. They belong to a girl named Katie and I don't know her personally, but we frequent the same messageboard and she posted this picture to show off her make up.

And then as I drew more on them, I felt obligated to add an entire face to them. I had a whole facial expression in my head and I used the Megan Fox picture for some help with the mouth and the picture of Milla for the nose, because Milla has a great nose and it's the shape I usually use.

So this is the process of how it all went:

The process of stuff is always interesting and everything goes through some kind of metamorphosis: We do physically, wether we're growing up or getting fatter or thinner, the landscape does, relationships do, our ideas do, our opinions, thoughts, desires and passions, insects, plants, the whole world and the whole universe.
It's interesting.

Remember that I have a group in facebook and I'm really proud of myself, because it hit two hundred members a couple of days ago. Feel free to join the group, leave me any kind of comments, thoughts, ideas or opinions on the wall or on the images. Invite, if you want, whoever you think may be interested in my work and once I've set up my eBay and PayPal stuff, maybe you can also buy me something.
I've put the pertinent information of each drawing underneath each image, like dimensions, price and medium.
Gabriela Handal Arte


  1. Your stuff is always so cool. :circles
    The eyes look really familiar for some reason. o.O

  2. Yeah, man, they're Katie's (Rubicon) O_____O

  3. I should've known that!

  4. Nice post Gabriela. It's always interesting to see how artwork evolves. It's not only educative and informative for others. but reassuring to the artist that what they are doing involves technical and thought processes. Most times the creative process is the most important to the artist. The end product is a bonus. We should celebrate both as often as we can!

  5. AGREE! about the creative process being a big deal! Yeah, finishing a piece is very gratifying, but while I'm working on it, it feels very very good!

    I'm glad you liked this post, I thought since I'd asked you about putting a piece in the steps of it's development, I thought I'd do it, too ^__^

  6. Do you have a visual diary Gabriela? It would be good seeing some of the pages showing your thought processes. Art education here in Tasmania is really big on art diaries. They are of tremendous benefit to both students and their teachers.

  7. yeah I was thinking of starting to do some childrens books. It would be a good way for me to tell my story and to reach more people. I must work on this idea :)

  8. I don't have a visual diary, Richard!
    Would you mind elaborating on what it is exactly? I'm not sure I grasp what it is D:
    It actually sounds really interesting, although I'm not keen on what it is!

  9. A visual diary is usually a book of blank pages in which you detail all of your art-related thoughts and ideas in both text and sketch form. You can also include related magazine/newspaper cut-outs, any thing that will help you art thinking and problem solving. Colour charts and actual planning of artwork are included as well.
    I have a post on this somewhere in my artblog.

  10. Can I include a link to your site on mine?

  11. WOW, that really does sound interesting and HELPFUL and WOW, I think I might just start one!!
    I'm going to look it up in your blog, 'cuz I would like to read more about it.
    Thank you for telling me about it, Richard!!

    And YES!! you can, I would be nothing short of HONORED that you'd want to! @_@
    I don't know if you've seen, but there's a link to your wordpress blog here ^______^

  12. God you're GREATTTTTTT!!!!! i've found my way through here from Rolfe's blog. hope you don't mind. i've seen some of yr drawings and paintings and it's freaking amazing to see people like you. you really have a great style. loved it ^^

  13. THANK YOU!!! <3

    I've seen you posting a couple of times, too, in Rolfe's blog and I LOVE that you've started following and that you genuinely like my work. You don't know how much it means to me ^___^ <3

  14. i'm your number one fan and i realy like the pasion and the entusiasm that you show on your work congratulations!!!